Texture takes the spotlight at Pure London for Autumn 2010

    In the absence of block-rocking new autumn 2010 trends at contemporary womenswear exhibition Pure London, the emphasis was on presenting trophy pieces. Whether it's articulated through surface texture, intricate details, or attention-grabbing embellishments, Fashion Buyer predicts that autumn will be defined by the trophy piece.
    From melt-in-your fingers leather jackets and sequin festooned flapper dresses to look-at-me mini dresses and sumptuous textured knits, every single item on your autumn order sheets must have enough pulling power to sit confidently in your window, draw customers through the threshold, into your fitting rooms and on to the cash till.
    Those customers that leave without a bag, must at the very least leave with their minds occupied, held ransom even, by that one piece that they deep down wish they'd purchased on the spot. They should face a sleepless night with their minds racing between the mirror image of them in that piece, the feeling of the fabric against their skin, and the horrific realisation that the woman who picked it up after they returned it to the rail, may have gone one step further and exchanged their credit card digits for a dream that should have been theirs. We've all been there, and I guarantee that nine times out of ten, the first thing we've done the next morning is call the store back to check if the item is still there.
    If you can populate your store with enough dreams then you're already on your way to a cracking season. Below, Fashion Buyer presents the 16 hottest trends at Pure London. Now, forget about basics, take an item-buying approach (ignoring the protestations of each brand's sales people), and have some fun for autumn 2010.Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/02/texture-takes-spotlight-at-pure-london.html
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