Cobweb and gossamer knits

    Soft and fuzzy cropped tops, open knitted dresses and tops and whisper thin knits all came in combined a cheeky see-through look with a soft touch. Definitely one for layering or exposing some of that lace this is a look that can dressed either sexily or cosily and, in its midriff-baring styles will make the transition into all but the hottest of summer days. Until then, it’s another look that can help you up-sell with a pretty body.

    Pictured: Carin Wester +46 83 47 700; Gudrun and Gudrun +45 29 61 70 77; Imitz +45 22 49 46 03; Vadum +45 33 25 11 19 www.vadum-cph.comSource URL:
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