Pure London Trends AW10: Tweed

    As in menswear there is a move towards heritage fabrics and traditional looks on womenswear too. The pace of this trend on women's maybe slower but it's beginning to come through with a particular emphasis on tweed tailoring. This Sloaney Pony country chic aesthetic was last revived in the 1980s. For 2010 the look is as relevant on city streets as it is  is updated in contemporary silhouettes with knits, tartans, and denim making relevant stablemates for the trend.
    Pictured from top:
    InWear, tel: 020 8871 2155, www,inwear.com;
    The Rose, tel: 01243 535485, www.smellingofroses.co.uk;
    Almost Famous, tel: 020 7637 2622, www.aflondon.com;
    By-Ti-Mo, tel: 0047 40 4 027 69, www.ti-mo.comSource URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/02/pure-london-trends-aw10-tweed.html
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