The Monday Moan: Release The Fashion Hero Within You

    Unlike our female counterparts, most fellas are as swayed by fleeting fashion trends as much as a Taliban is by women’s rights. So, while our lady friends are stocking up on draped skirts, shaggy coats and power-shoulder tailoring, we’re happier buying into modern interpretations of wardrobe classics.
    Sure there’s a bit of the Mr Ben in all of us. To those unfamiliar with 1970’s children’s telly, Mr Ben was a regular Joe resplendent in bowler hat and two-button suit whose daily visit to the local fancy dress shop led him into an unusual time vortex, landing Mr Ben in the age most commonly associated with his fancy dress choice of the day. But, unlike Mr Ben who on a Monday might be a Spaceman (only on Monday I hear you cry) and on Tuesday a knight of the realm, we are confined to slightly less challenging sartorial options.
    Still, we love nodding our heads to our seafaring forefathers with a Breton striped knit and a peacoat, or by showing our respect for the armed forces with a vintage field coat and a flannel officer’s shirt. How many chaps wearing plaid this season have picked up an axe let alone felled a tree, it’s unlikely those in country brogues and tweed jackets will have been beating out wood pigeons this weekend, and of the countless scores of men braving today’s rain in their waxed Belstaff tourmaster jacket very few will be commuting home on the back of a Triumph Bonneville.
    The fact is we men prefer to dress like timeless action heroes than throwaway catwalk ponces and the most successful designers are those who reflect this desire in their collections. The current rash of high street presentations for spring 10 has seen men’s fashion chains from River Island and Debenhams, to Matalan and Topman, chasing this design mantra. The standout design theme for next season has found menswear designers inspired by the early Twentieth Century pioneers of America, particularly those set against a backdrop of the great outdoors. Think vintage-styled jeans, hickory striped tab-collar work shirts, and heavy denim overshirts. But, rather than simply copying from the archive books, next season’s take on Americana finds the high street following the Japanese interpretation of vintage Americana. Brands such as Post Overalls, Haversack and New York's Engineered Garments (pictured) provide the blueprint for a look that is all about reinterpreting Americana for a modern consumer by introducing new silhouettes and clever detailing.
    Other key looks to dominate next season’s rails include 1980s casuals, public school preppy, 1950s collegiate, and nautical. It’s enough to satisfy the Mr Ben in each of us.
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Ladies Fashion Shoes

    The solution for foot pain

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Hippie Fashion Image

Pick’n’mix bag of spring 10 trends from Topshop

    The breadth of trends thrown up during spring 10’s carousel of fashion weeks has clearly confused the socks off the UK’s high street designers. Very few spring 10 collections previewed by Fashion Buyer UK so far, have had the confidence to single out which of the big catwalk themes are right for their customers, choosing instead to back as many as possible, albeit with fewer options in each trend story.

    Admittedly, Topshop’s customers are a diverse bunch and the fast-fashion player clearly needs to be nimble enough to back winning trends with new styles and more merchandise depth closer to the season, but the brand’s decision to line up so many disparate looks together resulted in a disjointed and at times incoherent spring 10 presentation.

    The preview was not without its highlights. Topshop’s luxe-biker story particularly stood out with an eyecatching strap-sleeved biker jacket sitting alongside a pair of parachute silk harem pants with diamond-stitch motorcycle panels and jersey inserts. Praire looks came through via a broderie anglaise maxi dress while the ensuing body-con trend was interpreted into a range of innovative and sexy multi-strapped peephole swimsuits, which while certain to prove disastrous within a metre of surf, are guaranteed to turn heads beach-side.

    The sophisticated peach and nude tones seen at M&S were present at Topshop too, providing the backdrop for a luxe-sports collection of multi-zipped parkas and a show-stopping pair of tapered trousers with all-over nude sequins enriched by a placement pattern of black and aquamarine sequins.

    A sports/military story also emerged which rather than following catwalks sought its inspiration from the kind of late 1980s streetwear immortalised by brands like Bodymap and Michiko Koshino. Styles populating this story included rubber mini skirts, a cotton mini-dress with row-upon-row of braces elastics and metal clasps, trousers with latticed elastic straps running up the side seam, army green shirts with zips running the lengths of the sleeves, and stud-festooned tailoring with exaggerated shoulders.
    Elsewhere, Topshop introduced Jonathan Saunders-inspired futuristic prints on dresses, chambray harem pants and 1990s-inspired sleeveless blazers with peaked lapels.

    It will be interesting to see which of these looks makes it onto Topshop’s shopfloors, and of these, which get the biggest reaction from shoppers.

    Can Topshop do no wrong? Let us know your thoughts via the comment box.
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Hippie Fashion

    the Hippie Culture

    Hippie FashionThe term hippie fashion is often misunderstood by many. When thinking of the word or term hippie, many people often picture a bunch of people with beards and headbands with peace signs and bell-bottom jeans.

    Well, there is much more to the definition of what a hippie fashion or the hippie movement is. The term hippie was popularized in the 60s, and is said to be derivative of the word hipster. The hippie movement originated and was popularized in the United States of America. Since the 1960s, the hippie movement has been spread worldwide and you will most likely see many people around the world wherever you go favoring the hippie fashion.

    The hippie fashion was all about peace and love and freedom. These concepts are commonly known. The 1960s was a time of big change and adjustment. It was a time of war. I am sure that you are familiar with the Vietnam War. During this time, older men as well as young boys who had just turned eighteen were being drafted to join the army. Many of these older men and young boys who were sent to fight in the Vietnam War did not make it home alive. This is a very touchy subject for many, so I will not delve too deep in it. The point that I am trying to stress is that the 60s was molded by people who fought in the war happening at that time, the people who supported this war, and the people who sought for peace and strongly believed in love and freedom.

    These people who strongly believed in love and freedom were called hippie. These concepts were the root of the hippie culture, and the hippie movement with this foundation of beliefs has stood the test of time up until today. There are still many people who consider themselves to be hippies. As with many concepts and movements, there are other things that spring from this belief and the hippie movement also has its own fashion trends and a sort of stereotyped clothing and apparel.

    By J B
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Giles unveils third men’s collection for New Look

    Giles Deacon’s third menswear range for New Look lands at the start of December with a witty streetwear handwriting aimed squarely at young trend-led shoppers.
    A range of laundered plaid lumberjack shirts in crumpled cottons sit alongside a heavy gauge shawl collared cardie and polka dot shirt. But the real highlights are to be found in Giles’s print-led T-shirt range. From 1980s-inspired oversized lip-prints to the neon-lined tux-print, the range of printed T’s is eye-catching and innovative. Other standout styles include an illustrative skull print, pandas in Kiss make-up, and a shaggy dog in shades.
    While compact in its number of styles, this third capsule range underlines the New Look men’s design mantra to create clothes which take a tongue-in-cheek approach to ticking trend boxes.
    Printed T-shirts start at £15, plaid shirts are £22, and dark wash jeans are £30. The collection hits stores nationwide on 7 December and will be available online.
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Fall Fashion Image

Fall Fashion

    Tunic Style Tops Still Reign Supreme!

    Fall FashionAs we steadily approach the Fall fashion season, it seems that tunic tops are still ranking as an ultra-popular women's fashion trend. Tunic tops are usually longer, fitting over the hips, with the hem hitting right at or about mid-thigh. They come in many shapes from straight, A-line, or empire waist.

    Tunics are great multi-tasking wardrobe items. They are perfect for casual wear, but paired with the right item, tunic style tops can absolutely work in a professional environment as well. Speaking of multitasking, many tunic tops work really well in transitioning from day to evening wear, if paired with the right accessories. Some may feel free to disagree, but it is also my personal opinion that tunic tops work best when paired with slim fitting pants, jeans, shirts, or even leggings, if you dare! Because the tunic tends to be loose-fitting or flowy, the use of the slim-fitting bottom will work well to give the body defining shape.

    For shorter women, the length of the tunic also creates the illusion of a long torso, which can make the legs look shorter. To combat this, it will be extra important to pair with slim fitting bottoms, which serve to elongate the legs.
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1970's fashion image

Man Fashion: Ed Hardy Christmas Gifts

    ed hardy clothing is one of legendary masterpieces from Ed Hardy. If you always keep up with the front-end of fashion or came across my previous posting. You will be familiar with Ed Hardy lines. This particular cast of them is open to be the reasonable prices. It's the holiday season once more, and you are most likely to be thinking of the particular Christmas gift that you would be giving to your love one or best friends. I always find ed hardy clothing is the ideal gift for Christmas.

    Today you are easier to find the ed hardy clothing. Real ed hardy clothing shoes tags are regularly immovable on or you should ponder purchasing Ed Hardy clothing and one of clothing is for superstar who is looking to be a little daring and a little perilous and definitely for someone who is looking to certain in their clothes. Prices are a few reasons you should absolutely familiarize yourself with is one of the foremost reasons why his clothing is so common. Ed strong does not deem to keep up your seek save your exchange exactly from the website. If he actually did not institute out as a clothing designer, this incredible designer is actually a tattoo comedian and he definitely has changed the world of make as divergent to killing off the shirt.

    Wisdom is available to be the Ed Hardy men's Swim Trunks clothing. Whether you want a costume or sewn into the shirt as we know it. It is definitely one talented designer that seems to be winning over the world.

    So before we end this post, we recommend this ed hardy clothing online stores, which offer various designs.

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Top marks for Topman’s spring 10 offer

    Topman has become a shrine as much to festival circuit indie urchins as it is to fashion junkies on the hunt for directionally cut must-haves. And, like its female sibling Topshop, the brand grows more confident with every passing season and has now neatly carved out its own personality which rather than slavishly following catwalk trends keeps one eye on what’s happening from a trend perspective on the streets of the UK’s major student cities and another on what’s happening at the more cutting edge premium brands, from Humor to Haversack.

    Big spring 10 stories include a 1980s inspired pop-meets-electro-meets-skate theme which has a multicoloured thunderbolt print T-shirt, stonewashed denim jacket and brightly coloured check shirts sharing railspace with a laser-beam print black vest, vivid green Harrington jacket, and a purple hooded windcheater with rispstop taped edges on pockets and zips.

    The Rural America theme plays heavily into the outdoors and collegiate Americana camp with a popper-fastening red/blue baseball jacket (above left) and repeat stag print over tartan shirt appearing alongside twisted seam khaki jeans, a pencil illustrated bear print sweat, tobacco coloured two-button blazer in stiff cotton and a soft grey corduroy shirt.

    With its nods to both vintage surfwear and the 1980s, the Tokyo Surf story has patchwork Madras shorts and soft jersey vests with exaggerated armlets teaming up with zip-through hoodies and an inspired pair of shorts with Aztec pattern banding around the hems.

    Moving into slightly more formal territory Topman’s Pleasure Beach theme (right) collides modish looks with styles inspired by the British Riviera. For reference, think pleated chinos, tapered denim trousers, tricolour sweaters and a blue 2sb blazer with a tricolour taped lapel.

    Among the most innovative of Topman’s sub-brands is Topman Ltd which, with its Albam/YMC/Haversack handwriting, speaks coherently to a slightly older 30-plus shopper. Highlight pieces include a dark indigo cotton bomber jacket with white overstitching, a fitted stonewashed denim shirt, aggressively tapered chinos and vintage-wash jeans with frogmouth pockets, hickory striped shorts and work jacket, a chambray boiler suit, and a superb notch lapelled double-breasted blazer with gold buttons.

    AAA is a new rock-infused sub-brand which works from an entirely black palette and includes a glitter-finish shawl collared tux jacket, alongside a Rick Owens-inspired leather gilet, stud waistband jeans, asymmetrically zipped cotton knit, and a 1980s styled nylon blouson.

    Elsewhere, the Topman Design collection seen at London Fashion Week is infused with modernist sportswear styles including a parachute silk bomber jacket with ripstop taped edges, a loose-knit oversized T-shirt in silver-grey, a skinny hopsack 2sb suit, and a leather bomber jacket with a V-shaped knitted collar.

    The tailoring collection is slim and modish with charcoal single-button suits featuring tonal taped edges, a blue single-button suit with contrast taped edges in mauve, and an electric blue Jedward-ready suit with shorts.

    So much menswear, so little time.
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1970's fashion

    Fashion In The 1970s

    The 1970's fashion continued the hippie look reminiscent of the past decade. Worn out jeans remained popular as well as the tie-dye. The fashion for unisex was on the upswing. Afro hairstyle and platform soles became in with the rise of the radical chic.

    It is said that male appearance got changed more in this decade than any other time in the century. In the US, fashion was focused on simple and longer skirts. Jeans became more popular, becoming an accepted item in the fashion scene. Some of the designers who rose to popularity were Calvin Klein and another US designer, Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, Pierre Cardin popularized a staple style of clothing featuring narrow shoulders with tight fitting lines, having no tie and interfacing, and coupled with jackets and tunics. Men also opted to dress down, regarded as hippie', and this gained recognition as more of a deliberate look.

    One of the more innovative designers of the decade was Kenzo Takada, who mixed Western and Oriental influences to create a new fashion trend. Another name worthy to mention is Sonia Rykiel, who created figure hugging knits. An Italian designer who made waves in this decade was Giorgio Armani, who made a distinctively successful collection of clothes for women in 1975.

    It was also during the '70s when fashion trends began to cross borders quickly. Western fashion trends were looked upon by the rest of the world. Synthetic materials were also introduced. The decade also got inspiration from fashion trends in the previous decades.

    1970's fashion
    1970's fashion
    1970's fashion
    1970's fashion
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Marks & Spencer sparks up for spring 10

    For the second season running Marks & Spencer’s womenswear collection ticks catwalk trend boxes with plenty of visual verve and an ever confident swagger.
    A palette of neutrals and soft nude tones provides the background for much of the season’s contemporary casualwear. Highlight styles include a marl grey jersey jacket with peaked lapels and a layer of floral netting, alongside stonewashed motorcycle jeans and a denim biker jacket.
    The boudoir trend, seen at Christian Dior and Gaultier among others at Paris Fashion Week, inspires M&S’s corset top ,with the sports-luxe theme informing a soft peach coat with drawstring details and oversized pockets.
    Other big stories at Marks & Spencer include a tribal look exemplified through leopard print harem pants and a batik striped top with gold bead embellishments.
    Ralph Lauren’s Depression-era Americana was presented in a more commercial prairie girl guise with a shawl collared denim waistcoat sitting alongside a floral print tea dress bow detail and another floral dress with a ruffle front and scallop-edged sleeves.
    Balmain’s military story was not overlooked, with M&S investing heavily in antiqued metal rivets and studs. Key pieces include a tailored olive green day coat with two rows of brass buttons running up the front of the coat and heavy chainmail epaulettes. Gold sequins are used in a wave pattern on tops, waistcoats are studded with sequins, while cotton jackets are embellished with brass sequins.
    With so many catwalk-referenced trend stories, shoppers will almost certainly veer towards item buying rather than investing in complete runway looks. This pick-and-mix approach underlines the importance for high street fashion multiples to populate their spring 10 collections with standout items. Having followed this approach for autumn 09, Marks & Spencer’s merchandisers are well versed with this strategy, and supplement their spring 10 trend stories with plenty of dramatic range-building styles. The retailer’s heavily draped and swagged at the waist playsuit fits into this mantra alongside its skinny grey motorcycle jeans and the sleeveless silver sequinned dress with oversized glass pyramid studs.
    Overall, the spring 10 has enough excitement to tempt existing M&S shoppers to take a chance on more fashion-forward styles, and enough pulling power to draw in a more catwalk savvy 25-35 year-old shopper.
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The Monday Moan: Too Many Trends for Spring 10

    Not only is the capital in the grip of the year’s wettest weather but London’s fashion hacks are currently caught up in the throes of next season’s press presentations. Every day there’s another high street fashion chain showing off their spring 10 creations alongside countless PR agencies bringing us up to speed with what to expect from the brands available at wholesale.
    The good news is that after countless rain-drenched excursions I can report that my Barbour’s waxed exterior is still repelling autumnal downpours with the unfazed charm of Cumbrian water fowl. The bad news is that female fashion junkies will have their work cut out making buying sense of spring 10’s kaleidoscope of trends. Unlike pre-recessionary seasons which were all about easily identifiable looks like nautical, military or folkloric, spring 10 like autumn 09 before it, is defined by a dizzing carousel of disconnected themes.
    Among the trends which will be vying for your attention is the military-inspired casualwear as seen at Balmain (see pic) - for reference think multi-pocket day coats and tailored regimental jackets in cotton with chainmail epaulettes. There’s also a revival of sports-luxe emphasised by panelled dresses, cycle shorts and track-inspired vest tops. More challenging is the post-apocalyptic look underlined again by Balmain, Rodarte and Givenchy, which combines goddess dresses with details such as frayed edges and cutaway panels. Ralph Lauren’s Depression-era denim workwear and Waltons-esque dresses also helps usher in a vintage prairie look. And, at the younger end, the 1980s obsession continues apace with slouchy T-shirts, layered jerseys, and yet more harem-inspired trouser shapes.
    Construction details are also key to spring 10 with the Madame Vionnet-inspired draping of autumn 09 continuing apace alongside bra and corsetry inspired tops, contrast panelling, slashed peepholes, and criss-cross bandaging.
    Over the forthcoming week Fashion Buyer UK will examine some of the key high street collections for spring 10 starting tomorrow with Marks & Spencer which last week presented among the most coherent and visually stimulating ranges of the main high street players seen so far.
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French fashion Image

    French fashion

    French fashion designs include variety of outfits such as gowns, beachwear, lounging suits, coats and capes. These designs are marked by a feminine touch and sophistication. The designs emphasize more on the sensual and seductive charm of the woman, while portraying them as the new age modern independent being. The designers belonging to the Syndical Chamber For Haute Couture, Paris, create designs known as haute couture designs. These designs cater to private customers and have a personalized effect.

    French fashion
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