Pass The Bubbly Please

    Ah. The New Year is upon us - where did the time go? One more reason to celebrate with friends and loved ones, and one more reason to dress up and look fabulous. I'm sure you have all found your dresses already but I just passed by the store window of BCBG the other day. BCBG has always attracted me, there is something simple and ethereal about their dresses, and their cutting (for me at least, is superb).

    Their dresses make you feel almost old hollywood glam or simply modern chic. I know they're rather simple, definitely something you've seen before, but talk about excellent draping! I don't know, there's something about them that makes me fall in love.

    Love the velvet bodice of this dress!

    This dress is actually much more beautiful in person.

    Aughhh...I need to get this - look at that sleeve detail!

    So simple, so lovely (especially the colour). Hm, I will advise you not to wear a headband that the model demonstrates...

    Ok, kind of generic I know, princess cut blah blah blah. But the material! And a colour that would look great on all skin tones.

    What are you doing for New Year's? &equally important, what will you be wearing?
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Good Golly Boots!

    I found (and purchased) two pairs of boots this weekend.

    Yes, two.

    They are comfortable ... and I love, love, love them.

    Steve Madden - Legion

    INC Brook Riding Boot - mine are chocolate brown and aren't so shiny.

    Oh sales how I love thee.
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Men's Top 10 New Year Resolutions

    With Christmas is just over and New Years is just around the corner, people like me is always thinking of what new promises I would like to make to myself for 2009. I believe some of you out there don't think too much about making new resolutions, either because you don't believe in doing such a thing or you have never been able to keep up with them in the past. Others continue to make new resolutions every year (Like me :) ), either because you felt you have kept up with them well enough in the past to warrant making a new one, or you legitimately want to make a lasting change in your lives.. whatever.

    I came across these top 10 list of New Year Resolutions:-
    1. Spend more time with family
    2. Fit in Fitness
    3. Tame the Bulge
    4. Quit Smoking
    5. Enjoy Life More
    6. Quit Drinking
    7. Get Out of Debt
    8. Learn Something New
    9. Help others
    10. Get Organized

    For me, I don't have any issues in relate to points 3, 4, 6, and 7. So all these are fall out from my list. Perhaps I could be healthier with more regular exercises, and constantly learn up something new and of course contribute back to society, is the almost important task. How about yours?

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Man Fahion: All about Designer Ties

    All men have the potential to look classy when wearing a designer tie. On the other hand, getting the wrong designer tie can also make you look immature, or downgrade your overall style. More so if you're a business professional, your designer tie makes a statement about you before the first handshake is even made.

    So before I go further, here are 4 fundamentals you need to consider before buying a designer tie.

    Tie Texture

    It's very important to choose a designer tie made of high quality material, natural fibres are always best, whether silk, cashmere or wool. However, silk ties don't go with every kind of suit, so be sure that the texture of the designer tie complements the texture of the suit. Like generally goes with like although there are exceptions, for example a woolen flannel suit looks very chic with satin ties, a complete contrast and opposite.

    Tie Length

    Make sure your designer tie is the right length. Most shop offer ties at 55/56 inches. Men's ties are at the correct length if they just about reach the belt buckle, which is generally 58 inches, although taller men may require even longer ties.

    Tie Colors

    When choosing designer tie color, you must always take into consideration color of your entire attire. The last thing you should do is to wear the same color tie with your shirt, which look formidable in darker tones.

    Red Tie/White Shirt
    This is the ultimate power dresser. It shows you mean business and want to be listened to. With a dark suit it is at its most potent.

    Red Tie/Blue Shirt
    You mean business, having things to say but are prepared to listen to those around you. You still want to be thought of as one of the boys.

    Refer to my earlier post on tie color and personality for more explanation.

    Tie Pattern

    It should never be larger than the size of your eye, or it will take the focus from your face. A large patterned designer tie will become the focal point of your outfit and distract from your face. Also, designer tie should take care not to clash with the pattern on the shirt or jacket and the rest of the clothing.

    For example, if you go with a striped tie, don't wear a similarly striped shirt or you could be mistaken for an optical illusion.

    Lastly, To keep the shape in your tie, it should be rolled u at teh end of the day. Do not hang it over a coat hanger or worst still, leave it knotted and pull over your head.

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Merry Christmas To All, and To All A Goodnight

    Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a wonderful evening and a beautiful day! Were in good company with family and friends, wrapped up warm - or dressed downright cool! - with good food, wherever you are!

    This spread instantly made me want to layer up with colours and scarves - I actually decided that I had too much black in my closet! Is that even possible? Love the fresh faces and the braided hair. What wonderful winter inspiration - take the look of fall and bring with you into winter, enough of the dull greys and the generic black. I can't believe I just said that.

    Image source: Elle Italy by David Burton

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Happy Christmukkah!

    Something to drool over on this special day....Yes, I'm in love with red pumps! But just to add some variety, these are not Louboutins (remember the Turkey day pumps?), but from Stuart Weitzman. Dear Santa.....

    Happy Christmukkah everyone!

    Psst! I heard Bloomies is having a big sale on the 26th!

    Image Source: Bloomies
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Man Fashion: Men's Designer Watches

    A designer watch is more than just an ordinary time- piece. It is the manifestation of precision, luxury, elegance and fine art all rolled into one. A good designer watch will complement your lifestyle, accessorize your wardrobe and become an heirloom to be cherished, treasured and passed along to future generations. The increasing variety, style and sophistication of men’s designer watches have often create confusion over buying decision that would best suit most of us. Therefore, it is always important to keep a list of essential guide to assist you in buying decision. 1. What is your personality? Are you bold, reserved, shy person? 2. What kind of colours and styles do you prefer? Flashy and extravagant or subdued or classic 3. Are you a practical and smart or sleek and glossy person? 4. Are you going to go for corporate kind or the more hip and casual variety? 5. And finally, are you looking for watch that for collection purposes. So that's enough for introductory tips. Now, I would like to share some of the timepiece that I find worth to take a look. PATEK PHILIPPE - Instantaneous Perpetual Calendar This highly complicated horological masterpiece, at first glance, projects the classically rounded look of the Calatrava. Its embedded complications. However, make this a time-piece to treasure while elevating the perpetual calendar to a new level of technical ingenuity, with its combination of minute repeater, tourbillon, instantaneous perpetual calendar with aperture display for day, date, month and leap-year cycle. OMEGA - Seamaster James Bond 007 Collector Piece Even if you can't decide if Connery, Moore, Brosnan, or Craig ranks as your favourite secret agent, there's no denying the charm of this stylist timepiece fitted with the exclusive Omega calibre 2500, Co-Axial Escapement and free sprung-balance. With limited to 10,007 pieces is What make this more precious. This Omega 007 collection piece is just perfect for celebrating the new James Bond movie in style. BALL - Trainmaster Five Time Zone If you are frequent traveler, this is perfect for you. This clever timepiece puts together four of the world's most dynamic cities in the wearer's grasp - London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. With an ingenious recessed button system to correct for daylight saving time. This Trainmaster Five Time Zone make global business and travel brilliantly simple. PIERRE DEROCHE - SplitRock This representing a genuine evolution in the field of mechanical chronographs, the SplitRock has a highly ingenious mechanism that displays the time being measured on a single large size counter by means of three concentric hands. Its understand lines, exclusive calibre and concentric chronograph make it a very powerful yet refined timepeiece. LOUIS VUITTON - Tambour Tourbillon Monogram Its chic grey galuchat strap is already a plus point, but this is one timepiece fashion savvy watch connoisseurs might consider. Beside carry with famous designer brand name, it does have a host of handy features, including being waterproof up to 100m, has a power reserve of 90 hours and of course, offers the fascinating tourbillon function.

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    I indulge in perfume. I tend to put too much on and think nothing of it. I'm a dedicated and committed wearer of four scents, all of which are used in a rotational manner, depending on mood, weather, clothes and/or occasion. They are much more than just the fantastic four.

    My first ever - must wear all the time - is this discontinued line of Ines De La Fressange. After all, she was Lagerfeld's muse.

    I found this a couple of years ago - extremely fitting for Spring or Fall. Roger & Gallet Bouquet Imperial

    Something fresh after a hot shower, or light for a summer day I wear Baby Bench. What's that? Yes, a perfume for babies. Not really a perfume actually, scented water? I have no idea, but it smells damn good AND it's made in the Philippines! Subtle and soft.

    And last, but certainly not least, Marc Jacobs' Daisy. Divine. Long lasting, beautiful!

    What's your scent?
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Man Fashion: Burberry Spring 2009 Men's Collection

    Christopher Bailey makes such perfect sense of his work for Burberry that all anyone could ever wish for would be his voice in your ear while you watch his shows. For his latest collection, he imagined the late artist/filmmaker Derek Jarman in his garden at Dungeness, a hardscrabble stretch of English seaside perched next to a nuclear reactor.

    What's more, pieces from this men’s Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2009 pre-collection are available on the Burberry UK/Europe on-line store since early December 2008. Some of the key pre-collection outerwear pieces for every occasion such as trench coats in gabardine, cotton satin and jacquard for men are all available on-line.

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Ctrl BG: A Shortcut to Financial News 12/21

    After MUCH drama, the fall of the auto industry in the US has finally been avoided- at least temporarily anyway. In the end, Bush signed over $17.4 to Chrysler and GM on Friday in return for non voting warrants and more oversight on executive pay etc. In the end, they made a full circle and the money will be coming from the TARP fund, which brings up the really intriguing question of whether the government has opened the pandora box and now other industries will be lining up to get a share of the rest of the TARP fund. Paulson has already asked Congress to release the rest of the $350 billion TARP fund early, when just a few days ago he said that it will not be necessary. Just when we thought we figured out how the TARP is going to work, they change their minds. This does not bode well for the government, because it makes them look like they have no idea what they're doing. Maybe they don't! On the other hand, the wider purpose of TARP is to support the financial market stability, and I daresay, it will probably not be very stable if the auto industry went bankrupt!

    On the sidelines, the Madoff scandal continues to unfold, revealing many influential individuals exposed to this fraud. The S&P cut the rating of 11 US and EU banks, including
    Bank of America, Barclays Bank, Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and Wells Fargo Bank. I guess if ratings must be cut, at least there is safety in numbers. What are you going to do when everyone goes down?

    Outside of the States, it looks like the land of chocolate and waffles is not doing very well. Belgium's attempt to bailout Fortis got frozen as Prime Minister Yves Leterme tendered his resignation after having reportedly politically meddling to sway a court ruling. Apparently this is the third time their government collapsed. I had no idea.
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The Girl With The Short Hair

    Last year I went from that was down below the middle of my back, to a really bad short japanese-boy-rockstar cut. My hair grows fast so while I was mortified & stuck with pinning it back and trying to tie it up in all sorts of ways, with ribbons and clips, it eventually grew back to past my shoulders by September of this year. Being stuck with thick, thick hair I got fed up and went to go get it cut again into a straight across, above the shoulders/longish bob.

    Then, I went home and chopped it all off to have it super short in the back, with an A-line cut in the front. Kind of like Victoria Beckham, but less extreme and shorter. How does it feel? Totally awesome. Here are some cuties that might inspire you to cut it short.

    The best part is that you figure out fun ways to do your hair, it's just easier to take of! Best part? If you can work the curling iron and get a bunch of curls, it's completely adorable. It definitely becomes a deciding factor on how you style your outfits.

    What are your thoughts on girls with short hair?

    As for my next hair cut? I'm definitely going to go for a Shannyn Sossamon look.

    Image Source: Garance Dore

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Little Frivolous Somethings

    When I was a kid, Christmas was about finally getting that one toy I've wanted all year long. When I grew older, it was about finally getting that one big fashion item that I've been craving for since all season. Now that I'm a bit older and (hopefully) wiser, I'm beginning to think that maybe that perfect Christmas gift is not about getting that big ticket item, but about getting that little frivolous something that will make you smile. Because really, I'd like to be present when a big ticket item is bought for me- just in case anything goes wrong. Besides, you'd be really broke if you bought something big for everyone you loved!

    When I say frivolous, I do not mean something completely useless. It has got to be something that I would actually use, that little something that I've been meaning/wanting to buy but have put it on the backlog because there are more practical things on my list (like toothpaste, vacuum cleaners and Tweezerman tweezers- though if all else fails, these would not be a bad idea. At least they're useful!). Here are a few things on my backlog:
    Essie nail varnish set. I am a HUGE fan of professional nail varnish (they go on SO much smoother and chips less!), Essie in particular. One can never have too much nail varnish, because they come in so many different colors and your favourite ones will start to dry out and coagulate after a while. I am especially loving this little gift set from Essie, because it encompasses all the classic colors one MUST have in their repertoire. They are also in delightfully small bottles that are actually more easy to carry and well, just the right size. I have personally never finished a bottle of nail varnish. Plus, did I mention that they are only $15 (they are usually $6-7 a bottle)!

    The next thing on my list, are Shu Uemura fake lashes. Frivolous? Yes, for $20, they can only be used for one night. But fun? Definitely! I'd love to know what it feels like to have ridiculously long and perfect lashes for one night. This would also be the perfect time to give them out, because what better time is there to try fake lashes then New Years Eve? Speaking of New Years Eve, I have a vision. A vision of myself in a simple dress (of undecided color as of now) with a low side bun accessorized with this fabulous piece of purple feather (right). And if that plan should go awry, I can be masculine chic, in this adorable hat (left). I can even use this for Halloween next year! Spending $18 on literally a piece of feather is definitely not practical, but it will definitely draw a smile from me :)
    Other random cute things on my list is a munny and a lego Ipod speaker. I don't really need ipod speakers, but I definitely wouldn't mind one that is so small and cute! And actually, I have a Munny. But mine didn't come out as I would like it to, so I'd love a second chance to decorate a Munny (including markers and other decorating materials would also be a nice touch).

    Not exactly "little" , but I've always been very intrigued with lomography. I love taking pictures and I'd love to try out the different effects of lomography. The camera is not too expensive at $50 (compared to real digital cameras anyway), but if you factor in film and developing etc, it is actually a very expensive random hobby. Like those polaroids back in the days!

    The purple frame (left) is not just a random piece of art. It is a mini DNA portrait! HG and I saw it on CNBC's list of weird gift ideas and our inner nerds are awaken. You really cannot get more personalized than a picture of your own DNA composition. And for someone to go to the effort of collecting your DNA sample and then go have it made.... that's a LOT of effort.

    Then there
    are classes. Cooking classes, dancing classes, it would just be FUN to take a random class with friends even though you will never be able to replicate that 5 layer chocolate cake you just made at home. My friends just did a Christmas Cupcake decorating class, and I am SO jealous, because it looked so much fun. I wish I was there! Sur la Table offers cooking classes for $69 and I'm sure there are lots more similar places that I don't know of yet. Whatever you want to learn, there will be a class for it somewhere!

    And last on my list is a really cute and big stuff toy. Something cute so it'll look good on my bed and something big and cushiony so I can lean on it while I read. I know, I am a kid at heart :P 8 more days til Christmas!!!

    Image Source: Essie, Sephora, DNA 11 and Urban Outfitters
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Men Fashion Maestro on Holiday Attire

    Published by Details of Men.Style. Our famous Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani shared his "10 Rules of Style" for holiday attire. The things he stresses the most for any style are confident, timelessness, and keeping thing simple. Find out more about his 10 rules of style below.

    1. When choosing a men suit, a man should look for something that he can wear, and not something that will wear him. In other words, elegance, sophistication, and timeless style are always better than of-the-moment trends, which will date—and date the wearer. 2. As for style, a two-button suit is more timeless than a three- or a one-button. A single-breasted is more versatile than double—allowing you to dress your suit up or down more freely and use the jacket as a separate more easily. 3. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes. If you feel comfortable, you will feel self-confident.

    4. The worst sartorial faux pas you can make is looking like you’re trying too hard. To develop your own individual style, really consider what suits you.


    5. If you remain curious about the world, you will stay young at heart. Beyond that, I recommend an hour’s exercise every day and a healthy diet with a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits.

    6. The holidays mean a handsome velvet tuxedo jacket. If you’re entertaining at home and feel like it, you can try one in a midnight blue or deep plum and you should wear velvet slippers. If you go out, wear shoes—preferably wing tips. 7. When buying a men suit, go for a color that will not date too soon, like a mid-tone gray or a black. 8. When an actor, like George Clooney, is on the red carpet, or when a man goes to a formal event, he shouldn’t dress excessively—he risks becoming too much of a spectacle.

    9. At black-tie events you can get away with a jacket that has a bit more of an extreme line, something that’s really fitted. And you can never go wrong wearing a clean white shirt.

    10. Confidence and a sense of humor make a man sey. And having an Armani wardrobe doesn’t hurt either. For those who still remember, find out Armani's 21 rules to achieve style, which he shared with us a year ago.

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Oh boy, oh boy

    How do you like your boy to look? Mine is the usual jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, but I like a little styled grunge to be honest!

    A little flannel can go a long way. Too much flannel can be tacky and "OH LOOK I AM A HIPSTER."

    Perhaps a little too trendy with the scarf and all - but nonetheless a rather eye-pleasing outfit! I love the checkered shirt.

    I love this. I love the coat. He looks so... historical!

    Casual, cute, playful! Lego belt!

    Umm...yes, hello and hello.

    Boys with style are big in my book - a little character like a neck scarf or a sharp looking jacket can make all the difference. Just enough scruff balanced out by the perfect amount of tidiness. And of course, excellent manners. Chivalry is not dead and of course style for men is alive as ever. Just a few things that make me sigh.

    So tell me, how you would you like your man to dress?

    All photos by The Sartorialist, which I love and adore. Who doesn't?
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