Men fashion accessories: Perfumes

    So far, there are so many posts in term of fashion accessories such as earrings, tie, belts, fashion bags etc. Today, we will touch on the sexiest item in the men fashion accessory lists, i.e.


    When it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men choose is class fragrances for men. Modern men wear perfumes as an indication of their style and passion. Perfumes for men speak about the wearer's attitude and defines a fashion statement for him. The market is flooded with a variety of cologne man perfumes. When it comes to accessorizing wardrobe, designer scents for guys occupy a supreme position.


    According to wikipedia, the world's first recorded chemist is considered to be a person named Tapputi, a perfume maker who was mentioned in a cuneiform tablet from the second millennium BC in Mesopotamia.

    Recently, archaeologists have uncovered what is believed to be the world's oldest perfumes in Pyrgos, Cyprus. The perfumes date back more than 4,000 years.

    Perfumes vs. Cologne

    The most practical way to start describing a perfume is according to its concentration level, the family it belongs to, and the notes of the scent, which all affect the overall impression of a perfume from first application to the last lingering hint of scent. Perfume oil is necessarily diluted with a solvent because undiluted oils (natural or synthetic) contain high concentrations of volatile components that will likely result in allergic reactions and possibly injury when applied directly to skin or clothing.

    Cologne perfumes have a higher concentration of alcohol. The terms 'perfume' and 'cologne' are often considered to be synonymous. But in reality they are different and the basic differentiation lies in the ratio of alcohol water base. When compared to colognes, perfumes are on a higher side in terms of essential oils. Also their fragrance retains for a long time and is more effective and prominent.

    By far the most common solvent for perfume oil dilution is ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Perfume oil can also be diluted by means of neutral-smelling lipids such as jojoba, fractionated coconut or wax.

    A diverse variety of elegant fragrance perfumes are stored in shopping malls and is among the top hot shopping list of men of all age groups. The gamut of scents is pretty extensive and encompasses price friendly mass fragrances to luxury prestigious fragrances and hip hop style celebrity fragrances. The specialty of mass fragrances lies in the fact that its like a double bonanza offer with a combo of high quality and reasonable price. The packaging is also good enough to lure people into trying it. Some good examples are Adidas and Revlon.

    Prestigious fragrances are more of a status symbol indicative of richness and royalty. They contain special ingredients for which people are ready to pay any amount.

    Celebrity fragrances are selling like real hot cakes. These scents are endorsed by people's favorite celebrities like Brittany Spears who make these products popular among people owing to their charismatic qualities. To name few such as Dunhill, Polo, Guess, are few famous brands in the list of celebrity fragrances. So, go make your own fashion style with your unique fragrance.

    Lastly, proper preservation of perfumes may keep them away from sources of heat and storing them where they will not be exposed to light. An opened bottle will keep its aroma intact for up to a year, as long as it is full or nearly so, but as the level goes down, the presence of oxygen in the air that is contained in the bottle will alter the perfume's smell character, eventually distorting them.

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Man Daily Skin Care Tips: Shaving

    Daily skin care is takes just a few minutes but can vastly improve your overall appearance. So what are men should watch out for their daily skin care, particularly SHAVING?

    Skin: If your skin is dry, you will experience a tight, dry feeling after washing or shaving. In this case you should use rich moisturizers. There are many unisex ranges which offer this, as male-specific ranges tend to be quite limited. Men who suffer from greasy skin should use a light moisturizing lotion or lightly scented aftershave balm. If you experience shaving rash or razor burn (unsightly red bumps due to swollen hair follicles which are often itchy and irritated), use pre-shave cleansing and exfoliation to minimize the problem. If your skin still reacts, fragrance and color-free products should be used. Cleansing is the first stage of the daily grooming routine, followed by shaving, finishing with moisturizing. You need to cleanse and moisturize your face in the morning and last thing at night, even if you only shave once a day.

    Shaving: There are several choices when it comes to shaving. Some methods have a more profound effect on the skin than others, therefore it is important to find a balance between the comfort and structure of the epidermis, whilst achieving the closest possible shave. There are two main methods of shaving: wet shaving and power shaving.

    Wet shaving: Wet razors are either entirely disposable or just have disposable heads (the thicker the hair, the more often the heads need to be replaced). These slice off the hair at skin level, or just below it. It is particularly suitable for men with thick, coarse hair growth and is effective in removing longer hairs. However, razor burn is a common problem for those that wet shave and cuts often occur if full attention is not given when shaving. In order to maximise the performance of a wet shave, it is suggested that the skin is softened and lubricated first. Skin should first be cleansed using a facial wash, then a specialist cream, gel or foam should be applied to provide a smooth pathway for the razor. This prevents dragging and nicking. Exfoliation is also an important routine for men to do two or three times a week because it improves a man’s shave by preventing in growing hairs. Shaving should occur in a downwards motion in order to minimise irritation of the skin.

    Power shaving: Power shaving involves using a mains or battery operated shaver to whisk the hairs off at high speed. It is suitable for all skin types and does not require shaving preparations. However, it is not as effective on tough, dense and very dark hair. For electric shaving, the face should be clean and dry with stubble not too long. The skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed beforehand and regularly exfoliated. A closer shave can be achieved by pulling the skin taut to encourage the hairs to stand on end and make them easier to trim. It can be difficult to reach some areas with a power shaver, such as beneath the nose and above the lips. Here, an integral trimmer is ideal.

    So whichever method you use, the ideal should be ease of use and save time! You don't want to spend your every whole morning for this! Life will be definitely no fun!

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How To: Tie a tie

    Have you ever think about whether how to tie your tie?
    If this is not your problem, that you can skip this...

    If so, here is a must read HOW TO: Tie a Tie. There are many ways to tie your tie, there are simple konts and fancy knots. Find one that you like and learn how to tie it. After you learn it practice, practice, practice, as people always said " Practice make perfect!"

    Here is a great site that shows you how to tie your tie in a various amount of ways.

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Man Health: How to take care of your hair?

    Most men are now happy to acknowledge that they care about their appearance. Here are some sensible tips for good grooming that will improve your image.

    Daily Hair Care

    Daily hair care using the right methods and products takes just a few minutes but can vastly improve your overall appearance. For the occasional slip-up, there are some tips on dealing with a hangover.

    Hair: Men tend to keep their hair shorter than women, with natural hair colour and shape. Overall, this means that they tend not to suffer from split ends and frizz. However, in order to style short hair, stronger styling preparations are required, such as gels and waxes. These can leave heavy deposits on the scalp, which needs to be cleansed thoroughly.

    Men also tend to suffer from dandruff, due to frequent washing of their hair. Dandruff is caused by a natural yeast, which can be triggered, causing the scalp to shed dead skin (seen as white flakes). Specialist anti-dandruff shampoos should be used regularly to control this condition. Mild formulas or 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners are recommended for men that frequently wash their hair and do not use heavy styling products.

    For those who do use gel or wax, an anti-build up formula is recommended to cleanse any stubborn residue on the scalp. To prevent thinning hair, or improve the appearance of balding hair, thickening shampoos can be used. However, this does not halt the progress of male pattern baldness.

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Men Hairstyle 2007

Man Fashion: Short Hairstyle 2007

Create your own fashion with colors

    As I mentioned in my previous post, the very important thing with respect to clothes is that you should be willing to experiment, and that needs a lot of patience and courage on your part.

    So what about color? Just as people are trying out new things, as in mix and match, the same trend has trickled down to colors. People are trying more bold colors and their combinations. The era of being conservative has been left behind and here comes one, wherein everyone wants to make a style statement of his or her own and colors are a great and easy way to do so. A bright color is no longer considered to be eye hitting but one that will stand out as unique and fashionable. So if you ever thought that that the bright red gown of yours was always too catchy to be worn, it is time to get it out and flaunt it. But that certainly does not mean that the sober colors are out of fashion. They are in too. Just that you should know how to handle and carry them.

    And if you want to know what the ultimate fashion statement is, then you do not need to spend a dime or even go out shopping for that matter. Just peep into your own wardrobe. Take out that dress or trouser or shirt that you so liked but have now worn to death. And make it into a garment of your choice. Give it your own identity and make your own outfit. Just a stitch here and there or a cut here and there and there you have a new dress like no one in the town!

    So go ahead and rack your brains, as you have the power to create your own fashion!

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How to choose your Smart Casual Attire?

    Clothes are always top in everyone's shopping list. But one should know what to shop for and where and when to shop for it. Good fashion demands a very simple thing from you and that is a very careful observation of those around you and a constant look out for what is being sold around, so that you never run out of choice and know what is in vogue.

    Another very important thing with respect to clothes is that you should be willing to experiment, and that needs a lot of patience and courage on your part. You should be ready to try out different combinations and fabrics to see if they suit you. If all this sounds a little difficult, let make it simpler for you to choose your clothes.

    Denim as usual is not out of fashion. Deep and dark denim colors are popular all rounds.

    Casual shirts, no matter how expensive (well made) are not usually striped. There are exceptions, but until you can choose the right sort of stripes, which is tricky, keep stripes for formal shirts only.

    Even jackets of all kinds are happening apparel to sport. They help in making your wardrobe more vibrant and versatile. A top or a shirt can look very different when worn with a jacket. The jackets can be patterned, embroidered, of shapes that you like and that fit you well.

    Lastly, make sure you keep everything in complementary colors and comfortable.

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    5 Tips on what to wear in office

    Jean: Tips to choose matching clothes and accessories

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Man Fashion - Choose your designer suits

    A fashion dress suit is very important and is the building block of your formal look. Men dress suits are more common comparing the dress suits of women, teenagers, or kids. Dress suits are particularly wearied on the particular occasions.

    Wearing of dress suits carry a fashion in the modern business world, some of them are mentioned with details.

    Buying mens dress suits can also break from the basics if you choose to be different and dare to stand out from the usual.

    Windowpane suits are an obviously understated in mens fashion world. It gives an extremely stylish and dressy effect that differentiates greatly from the usual stripe dress suits.

    Instead of a squarish windowpane, you can settle for a rectangular formation that provides an elongating effect for a men’s body as well. Windowpane suits also allow harmonious combinations with more patterns than the usual plaid dress suits.

    Windowpanes are very suitable for spring time. Instead of going for a pronounced thick windowpane pattern, you can try one a charcoal gray fabric with subtle violet chalk windowpane rectangular in shape. Or alternatively a light gray dress suit with pastel blue windowpane rectangular pattern.

    Brown Suits A color avoided by many men and deemed as not worth a timepiece dress suit. However, I beg to differ as this color gives an earthly tone and also a down-to-earth feel. It deviates from the predictable “safe” colors like gray and navy where we should have become overdosed with by now.

    Brown dress suits can be easily matched with earth tones from yellow to gold to tan colors. Depending on the tone of your brown, combination with maroon, cream, or even navy blue is also possible.

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Man fashion advice: Back to Basic

    Many men and women do not have much idea about Mens Fashion. Very often problem faced by men are what they can wear to appear professional or what they should wear so that they do not look outdated but overtly trendy.

    It will be important to understanding the basics of men's fashion and put this knowledge into a permanent mens fashion style. There would not be anymore worry about following trends but perpetually looking stylish.

    Back to Basics
    The basics of fashion for men boil down to knowing what each piece of apparel is made up of. The fabrics used determine a lot on the quality of the apparel. Good fabrics allow the apparel to withstand wear and tear.

    If any men's clothing or accessories that wear out fast would naturally make it look old and badly cared. This does not reflect well of the men wearing it and easily put most men out of style just by looking shaggy.

    The next important points to note are the details found in every apparel and accessories. Details can be subtle but it creates a very big impact in the eventual outlook of the styling.

    So before we start playing with details, the knowledge of each detail's responsibility and how it helps in holding up the item or even gives significance to it in style can assist us in choosing the best men's clothing.

    Concepts of Co-ordination

    Learning how to coordinate is another tough thing for many men. It does not need to be if they just understand about the various concepts of coordination. Starting from differentiating the type skin complexion they belong to would be the most basic knowledge to acquire.

    Then they just need to put on the right color clothing against their complexion that perks up their facial skin tone and brings the attention to their face.

    After that, coordinating colors between the various men's clothing is another method. There are various ways to match different and similar or same hues as well as the shades of hues to achieve the nicest blend of colors.

    If they are adventurous, then there are more that they can create that puts two very contrasting colors and yet a harmonious fusion of such colors without looking weird or clownish.

    Putting patterns against each other is another challenging task in mens fashion. It is through the play of patterns that can make many men look very trendy and stylish.

    If not properly done, those clashing patterns would be a very trying and poorly executed attempt. It boils down in knowing the types of patterns and their scale before choosing how to put them together.

    Men can go for two to four similar or different patterns coordination without even looking overdoing the matching. It is fundamental to keep the flow of patterns as natural as possible and create a relaxing look from the combination.

    It is good to have an idea of how to put all these mens clothing and accessories together. From there we can develop a permanent styling and never have to worry about the next trend or whether it is unprofessional. At least all aspects of men's fashion have been touched on.

    In short, if you are adventure enough, you are always able to transform your clothing into fashionable styling.Source URL:
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D&G : Fashion Show Spring Summer 2007 Runway

Men Jeans: Tips to choose matching clothes and accessories

    Shopping is an effective way to keep yourself away from bad mood and depression - no matter whether you go shopping for new jeans or sport car.

    Every men has jeans as an essential part of his wardrobe. It is not so complicated to choose jeans as there is a wide range of models to match any style, constitution and personal taste.

    However, you are probably puzzled by the question what items of clothes and accessories will match your jeans and help you create your own distinctive style. The following are some useful tips:

    1. Classic Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt
    You really can’t go wrong with this, as long as you find the right matching color and pattern. Try to find something that doesn’t have any pockets, if you can, for smart casual. White is most preferred color as it is easily match with whatever pants, but almost any color will work.

    2. Short-Sleeved Polo Shirt

    Again, classic and mannish, these come in a variety of fabrics and designs. These short-sleeved polo shirts are mostly suitable with all kind of jeans. Color strip or solid colors are both well received in man fashion world.

    3. Jackets

    Jeans worn together with a jacket create a really classical and refined look. You may wonder whether it is smart? No second thought, this definitely delivers the message.

    4. Accessories and watches

    Wearing elegant jeans requires putting on elegant accessories. High boot will not only make your macho, but will also add elegancy to your appearance.

    A stylish watch is a must have accessory for any man. If you mainly associate watches with something boring and not exciting, forget about classically-styled watches. Pay your attention to designer watches featured by watches developed by world-renowned watch-making brands.

    It is great if you have a few differently styled watches to match different occasions - a noisy night club party or a solemn wedding celebration.

    You are sure to get fascinated by watch-making masterpieces of such prestigious brands as Rolex, TAG Hueur, Oris, Omega, Patek Philippe, Rado, Tudo, Louis Vuitton and many more. If you feel reluctant to spend tons of money at a prestigious watch brand, use an opportunity of purchasing a qualitative replica watch.

    Naturally, not all replica watches are of top quality. However, there are on-line dealers offering qualitative Japanese replica watches at affordable price range. A replica watch which provides the same look, design and functions as the original one is a real bargain.

    To draw a conclusion, jeans are no longer a clothing item necessary just for walking and going for a trip. It presently refers to classically-styled items, especially if worn with other nice pieces of clothes and accessories.

    While creating your own "jeans style", try to keep in mind the latest fashion trends and the peculiarities of one's appearance. If you feel free to experiment, you are sure to come up with your own exclusive style.

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Why Men Buy Clothes from Internet?

    Historically, the word “fashion” was only applied to women. The reason being women's fashion is always the focus point of fashion industry. While women are notoriously known as the “shoppers” of the world, they are also perceived as the ones who give more thought to their clothing, making them the perfect market for fashion designers.

    However, the trend changed in recent years, and men follow fashion trends closely and the trends changed in every season. What post the biggest challenge to men sometimes is men do encountered difficulty finding their clothing that fits well.

    Shorter and taller men especially have trouble finding good fitting men’s clothes because most of the clothes in the men’s fashion sector cater to the “average” body size of men. Given this difficulty, the only option for some of these men is to have men’s clothes custom made from tailors, which can be very expensive.

    For Short Men

    Most departmental store don’t carry odd size, and this post the challenge to this group of man. Thanks to the advance of internet and the e-commerce, internet specialty shop that provide a good source cater to the fashion clothing needs of shorter men.

    For Taller Men

    The same problem applies for men’s clothing because they also experience problems in finding good fitting men’s clothes. Fortunately, the Internet is also a good source for men’s clothes that are designed for taller men.

    For Common Body type

    Even if you have the so called “average” body type, the Internet is still a great place to find fashionable designer male clothing.


    A lot of men claim that they don’t have the patience to go shopping for hours on end for a good pair of men’s jeans or their favorite men’s shirt. With Internet shopping you can browse one male fashion store, take a break and watch some sports, then browse some more when you’re ready to go shopping again. Just be sure to have all of your measurements correct when ordering men’s clothing online in order to avoid the trouble of returning any men’s clothing that doesn’t fit correctly.Source URL:
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Man Hairstyle: Latest Trends

    Here are just a few of the latest trends in men's hair styles and how to style them:

    Super short man's hair style. High and Tight, Fade, Spike, Clipper Cut and Crew Cut are just a few of the names given to the short man's hair cut. By far the most popular man's hair style is the High and Tight or Fade. Characterized by a closely cropped clipper cut around the sides and back of the head with just enough hair on top of the head to comb, this man's hair style with its many variations accounts for about 75 percent of all popular styles today. With just a little bit of gel to spike up the top, mess it up a little or finger into place, this man's hair style will only take you seconds to achieve. While you may have to get it cut more often, about every three weeks or so, the ease of styling this man hair cut is what makes it a favorite among busy men today.

    Medium length, textured men's hair style. Today's styles for men have a lot of texture and the same is true for medium-length styles (about 3 to 4 inches). These styles resemble the classic man hair cut of the past, but step it up a notch by using extreme texture and color to bring it all together. Most styles use a great deal of razoring and texturizing with notching scissors. To style this man's hair style pomade usually works best. Work product through dry hair and finger into place.

    long puffy nipples man's hair style. While most men do not wear their hair down their back anymore, the long puffy nipples man's hair style has made a somewhat shorter comeback. Perhaps the most recognizable example that I can give of this men's hair style is Ashton Kutcher. long puffy nipples, textured and disheveled, this man hair cut is gaining widespread popularity. Again, this man's hair cut requires a lot of texture and works best with pomadeSource URL:
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Male Skin Care products review

    I recently reviewed some of skin care products for men, with some feedback from some of my friends. The following are some of well received skin care products I gathered.

    Neutrogena has released an excellent line of products, available in two specific product categories; Skin Clearing and Razor Defense. The Skin Clearing line is designed to help men that have problems with Acne. This category includes a facial wash, shaving cream, and an after shave astringent. The Razor Defense series is intended for use by men with no specific skin conditions and includes a gentle face scrub, shave gel, and face lotion. They all have a fresh, clean smell and are highly effective.

    Aveda also offers some wonderful products for men. Their products are designed with the highest quality standards, and they include a number of certified organic ingredients. The Rosemary Mint Shaving Gel is absolutely incredible. It has organic lavender, marjoram, peppermint, and rosemary in it. It also has coconut-derived moisturizers that assist in providing a smooth, friction-free shave. Aveda also has a shampoo/body bar that provides an invigorating wash. It is made with coconut and almonds, both of which are very good for male type of skin.

    Lastly, there are a lot of quality products on the market for men. I would recommend trying a number of different products, in order to find the one you like best.
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The Importance of Male Skin Care

    How crucial is man skin care as compare to woman? Well, in this age of the metro sexual male, emerging male fashion and beauty trends have evolved alongside to accommodate man needs and desire to match the fairer sex in terms of present ability, personal grooming and style. Skin care for men is become crucial if not first priority to their top 10 lists.

    Thanks for the skin care companies with some education programs and skin care campaigns, more and more men are at present practicing skin care routines day by day.

    Stacey Landry from in her recent article, has highlighted the important of male skin care, particularly men's skins are thicker and firmer than women's skin because of the larger amounts of elastin and collagen in our skin. Regrettably, men's skins are extra inclined to oiliness and dryness. Therefore, men's skin treatment regimens must incorporate deep sanitization to keep their pores wholesome, vigorous and moist.

    In this regards, two crucial procedures must be incorporated in men's skincare routine -- purification and moisturizing.

    You can find out more about her article at HERE.Source URL:
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Choosing sunglasses

    Choose sunglasses that suit your style

    Sunglass styles change every year, just like every other fashion, but the selections are so varied that no pair will ever really go "out" of style. And since sunglasses don't have to be expensive to be effective, you don't have to spend a fortune to develop a nice collection.

    Designer and specialty sunglasses, like the kinds used for sports, cost more than most sunglasses, but you'll find all kinds of fashion glasses for sale at affordable prices. Watch the UV ratings carefully and you'll be fine.

    Unless you already know which frame shapes look good on you, go shopping and try on as many styles as possible. If you can get permission to walk outside with glasses on, do it, so that you can find out how they actually work in the sunlight.

    Here are some of my favorite brands



    Lens Material: Glass
    Lens Color: Green
    Lens Shape: Rectangle
    UVA, UVB Protection
    UVC protection
    Polarized lens
    Anti-reflective Coating
    Frame Material: Plastic
    Frame Color: Black
    Frame Style: Full
    Size: Large
    Soft case
    Women's style
    Lens width: 61 Mm

    Temple length: 130 Mm

    Lens Material: Polycarbonate

    Lens Color: Black
    Lens Shape: Wrap
    UVA, UVB Protection
    UVC protection
    Polarized lens
    Mirrored lens
    Frame Material: Plastic
    Frame Color: Black
    Frame Style: Full
    Size: Large
    Soft case
    Unisex style


    Lens Material: Polycarbonate
    Lens Color: Grey
    Lens Shape: Shield
    UVA, UVB Protection
    UVC protection
    Frame Material: Plastic
    Frame Color: Black
    Frame Style: Full
    Size: Large
    Hard case
    Unisex style
    Temple length: 125 Mm

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Back to Future: Double Breasted Suit

    What more? a huge hit on the international catwalk in Europe this year were focus on Double Breasted Suit. Every designers had their cuts, fabrics, and colors just within the last few months.
    Well, I find that D.B jacket not very versatile compared to its brothers the
    one, two and three buttons jackets.Source URL:
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Back to Future: Man skinny ties

    So have you even encountered this, those fashion trends that were popular in the 60s and 70s is now reappear either in the magazine or on the street? So So let's have a look at what's back that was once popular in 70s, Skinny tie

    Skinny ties, So 80's its almost scary but as long as it is not partnered back with the
    usual 1980's tragic attire of wide shoulder jackets (resembling those worn by ice
    hockey players) & glam ruffled shirts it's sure to look great and be acceptable in the year
    2007. Ideal with a well fitted designer shirt and suit, the skinny tie adds a minimal touch
    of elegance and rock star-like attitude to an outfit. I still can remember one of this from my brother.

    Tomorrow I will continue with the rest of the fashion and trends that make a come back in today fashion world.Source URL:
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Man Earring: a macho look in jewelry fashion

50 Things Women wish Men to knew

    Here come another link, women from the world, that highlighted
    50 things that women wish man to know! Check it out HERE
    if you are really concerns and bother about what women say about you!Source URL:
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