These cards got Soul

    Boutiques looking for a simple till-side add-on sale this Chrimbo would be advised to take a look at the fashion-inspired range of greeting cards from Soul Water.
    Designed and developed by former fashion PR Zoe Whitington, the cards have a refined handwriting which draws on Whitington's training as a fashion illustrator.
    Wholesale prices for packs of six cards is £6.48 with each card carrying a £2.50 retail price. With ten percent of all sales of Soul Water's Christmas Eve collection being donated to gynaecology cancer research fund The Eve Appeal, buying a few packs has never made more sense.
    For more information call 020 8767 9559, or visit 
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Vintage 1 revs up with motorcycle-inspired jeans

    After extolling the trend-led virtues of the motorcycle-inspired jean in our Bread & Butter trends report earlier this week, Fashion Buyer UK today puts the spotlight on one of the strongest proponents of the exhibition’s hottest denim trend, the motorcycle jean.
    Vintage 1 is the latest premium jeans brand on the block and hits UK rails next month. The brand is the brainchild of  design maverick Philippe Naouri who not only founded and designed Antik Denim, but has also consulted for Diesel, Replay , G-Star, Levi’s, and Chevignon.
    The brand’s signature style is its skinny motorcycle jean which combines Naouri’s expertise in cutting sexy women’s jeans silhouettes with one of the most directional jeans looks around at the moment.
    Wholesale prices range from £80-90 and the collection is being handled in the UK by The Clear Agency. For more information call 020 7377 1002, or visit URL:
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Man Fashion: Spring Summer 2010 Collection

    London Fashion Week finished on an extreme high with a day dedicated to menswear, diversity was the word on each fashionistas lips as Spring/Summer 2010 was translated into the male language.

    James Long’s collection was inspired my quality street wrappers and depicted both function and protection. Trousers greatly resembling his inspiration strutted down the catwalk teamed with rather sexy gilt edged camouflage; leather and select pieces of knitwear bought the collection together and showed which seasons it was created for. While the collection didn’t scream wear ability it did show Long’s talent when it came to creating unique menswear, it wouldn’t suit the average male or situation but then again when was Fashion practical.

    Christopher Shannon took what should always be wrong and made it fashionably right as he sent his models down the catwalk with dodgy tan lines, ‘fanny packs’ and the cardinal sin of socks with sandals.

    Unlike other designers Shannon’s collection was based on wear ability, he struck a balance between street style and high fashion; he isn’t interested on being the name on everybody’s lips, he creates clothing for the ever growing niche market that has patented his distinctive designs. Overbearing yet chic prints and his love of luxe sportswear have clearly paved his way into the fashion elite. In his own words his inspiration for his S/S 10 line “Donk, clashing sportswear and bootleg prints”

    Contributed by: Charlotte Johnson

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Giles Deacon to show at Pitti W

    British womenswear designer Giles Deacon will be the headline guest at the fifth edition of Pitti W in January. The prestigious catwalk event will mark Deacon’s first presentation in Italy.
    “Giles is among the designers who are contributing to changing women’s fashion,” said Raffaello Napoleone, chief executive of Pitti Immagine, the organisation behind a collective of Florentine trade fairs including Pitti W, Pitti Uomo, and Pitti Bimbo, among others. “And, that is something that we are really interested to follow by presenting collection previews at Pitti W.”
    Deacon will follow in the footsteps of former Pitti W headline guests including Diane von Furstenberg, Giambattista Valli, and Proenza Schouler.
    A long time supporter of London Fashion Week, Deacon hosted his first runway event at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.
    Now in its fifth season, Pitti W is an exhibition dedicated to designer womenswear pre-collections, or cruise collections. Hosted in Florence, Italy, the show runs alongside Pitti Uomo. The next edition of Pitti W will run from 12-15 January 2010. For more details log on to
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Spring 10 Bread & Butter Trends: Part Two

    Today, in Fashion Buyer UK's second installment of trends from this summer's Bread & Butter in Berlin we take a magnifying glass to next season's denim trends. From bleached surfaces and rip-and-repair details to zip-through pockets and the rise of denim jackets, jeans haven't looked so right in over four seasons.Source URL:
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Rip and repair details

    The aggressive ripped-to-shreds jeans espoused by Parisian catwalk brand Balmain a year ago, were never likely to make it to the high street, although branded denim designers did take note. Nodding to the trend, albeit in a diluted and commercial way, the brands have opted for small placement tears or holes which are then repaired using a DIY-look stitching effect or by patching the hole with a subtly contrasting fabric. The only word of caution for buyers backing this look for spring 10 is that the high street fashion multiples, from River Island to New Look, have been quick off the mark on rip and repair jeans. A quick peep into any one of these players' stores will turn up various interpretations particularly on their boyfriend styles. Pictured from top: Wrangler, Desigual, Guess, Take Two.Source URL:
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Zip details

    Zips were everywhere at Bread & Butter, particularly on women's jeans. The trend not only ties in neatly with the continuing popularity of biker styling, but also the resurgence of surface details on jeans. At its most visible, directional denim brands such as Miss Sixty deployed zips which snaked from the ankle through the length of the leg. Less aggressive treatments of the trend were backed by most brands with simple zip-though pockets providing the easiest interpretation of the trend. In some cases the opening of these pockets were banded with a strip of contrasting fabric to draw the eye to the zip. Pictured from top: Guess; Bench; Firetrap; Strellson; Pepe.Source URL:
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Bleached surfaces

    The return of bleached jeans had Fashion Buyer reminiscing of times when Johnny Rotten was spitting at audiences and latterly Samantha Fox, whose singing career tormented listeners in much the same bilious way. But, despite its chavvy connotations, bleached denim is back. Reserved, almost exclusively for skinny-legged women's styles, the look this time around - be it ironic or otherwise - is far more sophisticated. Whether it translates in this way when it gets to boutiques is another thing altogether. Pictured from top: Religion; Seven For All Mankind.Source URL:
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Denim Jackets

    This is another denim trend that's been driven largely by the indie-rock circuit, with vintage skinny-fit Wrangler jackets from the late 1970s helping almost single-handedly to reignite interest in denim jackets. These traditional trucker style jackets are almost certainly best in their vintage form but there are some pretty decent new options out there, particularly from Wrangler which has recreated its iconic pleat-front 11MZ jacket albeit with a longer silhouette. Pictured: Blue Blood; Edwin.Source URL:
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Tuesday’s Trends

    A technical hitch may have tripped Fashion Buyer UK up  yesterday but with the gigawatt transducer firmly plugged back into the hardwire mainframe our systems are back up and running.
    Today, Fashion Buyer UK turns its attention towards some of the biggest trends on the horizon for spring 10, as seen at this summer’s Bread & Butter Berlin. Source URL:
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    Having recruited a loyal following among festival-circuit skinny-kids, 1980s throwbacks, and hip students, chambray bounces into the mainstream next summer. The lightweight alternative to denim lends itself best to tops and shirting (particularly as it tends to sag at the knee when applied to trousers) although next season it is also deployed n casual shirt dresses, harem pants and pumps. Pictured from top: Boxfresh; G-Star; Pepe Jeans; Seven For All Mankind; Supreme; Keds.Source URL:
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1980s sportswear

    This one has been simmering away for a while now but it gets a bigger outing than ever before next season. Hooded blousons, tracktops, polo shirts and hi-top basketball boots provide the canvas for designs which play heavily on bright primary colours and bold geometric graphics. Stripes, chevrons, and clashing colours are key to the look with the sports-inspired track-tops providing an easy cover-up for our breezy spring months. Pictured from top: Psycho Cowboy; Lacoste; Fornarina; Nikita; Humor.Source URL:
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Harem pants

    These billowing shapes return for spring 10 with chambray and denim used across the board. The difference this season is that these looks begin to make their way into the menswear arena too. For men, these shapes are less aggressive, falling loosely through the leg and then tapering tightly to the hem. They may not be the most commercial looks but continue to provide an interesting diversion from men’s carrot leg silhouettes and women’s boyfriend looks. Pictured from top: G-Star; Psycho Cowboy; Desigual; Killah.
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Motorcycle jeans

    The high street tried to jump on this ribbed and panelled jeans trend earlier this summer but not only were interpretations from both River Island and Topshop relatively lacklustre, but consumers simply weren’t ready to latch onto the trend. By next summer this will almost certainly have changed. And just in time too for all the branded options just around the corner. Not only are these cut far better than the high street styles but they are washed and laundered with more finesse. It’s easy to overdo the biker theme and while matching these jeans with leather biker jackets is a big no-no, pairing them languid goth-rock jerseys and super-sharp tailoring is enough to get any trend radar revved up. Pictured from top: Firetrap; Pepe Jeans, Vintage 1.Source URL:
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Man Fashion: Essential Men Fashion Tips

    There are as many dos and don'ts in fashion as there are brands, and it can be overwhelming! Some man fashion tips are more important than others and many can be ignored without making major fashion gaffes.
    So let us go back to 5 essential Man Fashion Tips:-

    1. Don't Be Afraid to Play With Color

    While you try to color coordinate your shoes with your belt or your socks with your pants, you don’t have to make your entire outfit match. Show off your personality by using color in your shirts and ties. Today’s neck ties come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can add a punch of class to any plain suit with a crisp red neck tie.

    If you want a more playful look, try a tie with polka dots or stripes. Striking without being overwhelming, a colored necktie is the perfect way to inject color and personality into your outfit and lifestyle.

    2. DO Wear Socks that Match Your Pants

    If you are wearing black trousers, avoid white socks, unless you are superstar like Micheal Jackson. There is nothing worse than a man in a nice black suit who sits down only to reveal pristine white socks. It does not matter whether you wear socks that are solid colors or patterns as long as the color of the socks matches your pants.

    3. DO Wear a Watch

    As discussed in my previous post, watch is a wonderful fashion accessory, so you will look classy and sophisticated with a watch. You don’t have to be wealthy to afford a nice, classy watch. You can find a variety of beautiful watches for very reasonable prices in most department stores.

    4. Do Try Out Flat-Front Trousers

    Most men avoid pants that are made with a flat-front. Our fathers and grandfathers all wore the traditional pleated trousers so we often automatically assume that we should wear the same. This is a big mistake! In fact, pleats can be a disaster if a man is overweight. They only make you look bulkier when you are trying to look slim and trim. Give flat-front trousers a try and you will be amazed at how much better you look. If you feel uncomfortable in flat-front trousers, try buying a larger size and getting them tailored to fit your waist better.

    5. DO Match Your Shoes with Your Belt

    This is most basic rule of men’s fashion. You can tie together even the most awkward outfits by matching your shoes with your belt. Stick with neutral colors such as brown, charcoal and black. These colors can be worn with virtually anything, from business suits to casual blue jeans.
    Coordinate the color of your belt with the color of your shoes. Lastly, while belts add a polished look to your ensemble. Make sure, however, not to fasten it too tight.

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Man Fashion: Jimmy Choo's Menwear Collection

    All too often menswear is left out of designer / high street collaborations, but not anymore as more and more fashion designers are now giving almost equal if not more heavy attention to this market segment.

    Jimmy Choo Menwear collectionOf course, this included Jimmy Choo. If you think he just makes pretty footwear for the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and her Sex And The City chums, you must be out of touch for sometimes.
    Jimmy Choo Menwear collection
    The Jimmy Choo for H&M menswear collection includes boots, stylishly cut suits jackets, jeans, leather biker jackets, silk and cashmere mix sweaters, shirts and trousers.
    Jimmy Choo Menwear collection
    For those more adventurous in the style stakes, Jimmy Choo has provided studded and crystal-adorned crocodile boots.

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The return of Palladium

    Nostalgic former ravers and Madchester baggies may be interested to hear that unisex footwear brand Palladium is making a comeback.
    The iconic canvas and rubber shoe has been relaunched under new ownership from K-Swiss.
    Production processes have improved dramatically since the brand’s inception, resulting in a lighter and more comfortable range, although each design is as recognisable today as it was in 1947.
    Palladium’s flagship product, the Pampa Hi ankle-boot remains available with the same looking single-piece moulded rubber outsole as was first popularised by the French Foreign Legion over 60 years ago, albeit with a variety of new cotton-upper finishes.
    Among these finishes is a dyed and stonewashed grey metal option which also appears in the new Baggy style which retains the Pampa’s silhouette but with a higher fold-over ankle cuff, and the brand’s signature shoe, the Pampa Oxford. Wholesale prices range from £15 for the Pampa Oxford shoe with an attractive £35 retail price tag, and £17 for the Pampa Hi with a £40 retail price, through to £23 for the Baggy which will be priced at £55 at retail.
    For more information call 01458 445502, or visit
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New designer brand Saro launches in UK

    Womenswear designer Saro Schwyzer is launching his first collection under the Saro label for spring 10. The fashion-forward collection has a premium, but young handwriting exemplified by sophisticated pattern cutting techniques, original prints and a leaning for spring 10 towards silk and taffeta. Standout pieces include Saro’s ribbon-cut tops, taffeta bolero jacket and sexy pencil trousers.
    Before launching his own collection, Schwyzer was part of the design team behind Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label.
    Wholesale prices range from £175 to £430.
    For more information call 020 7377 1002, or visit URL:
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Lisa T makes it cool to look cosy

    Knitwear designer Lisa T may not yet be available at wholesale but she remains a name that Fashion Buyer UK has been watching closely for some seasons.
    Lisa T”s most recent collection is all about sumptuous Italian-sourced cashmeres and unusual constructions eloquently articulated through the grey bolero (pictured) which through the designer’s sophisticated use of folding and swagging techniques provides a tempestuous and fluid surface.
    The brand’s accessories are particularly hot with a heavy knotted scarf design sitting alongside a wide range of gloves, some encrusted with Swarovski crystals or available with detachable cashmere rings. Highly inventive stuff.
    For more information visit
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All eyes on Laura Miles

    To catwalk designers Basso & Brooke, Jonathan Saunders and Hussein Chalayan to name just three, fabric designer Laura Miles’s number may be on speed dial, but the name is less familiar perhaps to boutique buyers. All that’s about to change though with the introduction of Miles’s first collection of dresses.
    The romantic collection of six bespoke mini-dresses is set against the highly crafted backdrop of Miles’s own handmade fabrics. Echoing the runway trend for surface-texture the Laura Miles collection includes the  strapped zip-through style pictured top with its petal-like construction available in white and gun-metal, as well as a strapless waisted style with a contrast skirt.
    The range makes essential viewing for any buyer looking for an exquisite new capsule range to introduce to their premium party dress offer.
    Wholesale prices range from £700 to £800. For more information call 020 7729 2249 or email
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