Designer Frames on a Discount Budget

    Looking for new designer's eye glasses for this season? I happen to come across this interesting website of which offer wide range of sunglasses.

    Eye Buy Direct offers discount prescription eyeglasses and designer sunglasses for men and women alike. They have a great selection of unique and classic styles. They also have EyeTry, a program that allows you to try on frames online. Here are some Looks for Eye Buy at the Oscars.

    Rica - Fashion Eyeglasses
    Semi rimless lenses with a slight curve to the nose bridge, the sandy/golden color of the frame will flood your face with light and its thick aRMs promise strength and reliability.

    Eyre - Rimless Eyeglasses
    These frames are as light as air to wear, and look and feel great on the face. With rimless lenses and dainty blush pink sidearms, these glasses are graceful and ethereal in appearance while suiting most face shapes.

    Bridge - Fashion Eyeglasses
    Contemporary-styled, medium sized men's glass with dynamic spring joints and acetate sides adding extra comfort and style. This frame is doable with Bifocals and Progressives.

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