Rip and repair details

    The aggressive ripped-to-shreds jeans espoused by Parisian catwalk brand Balmain a year ago, were never likely to make it to the high street, although branded denim designers did take note. Nodding to the trend, albeit in a diluted and commercial way, the brands have opted for small placement tears or holes which are then repaired using a DIY-look stitching effect or by patching the hole with a subtly contrasting fabric. The only word of caution for buyers backing this look for spring 10 is that the high street fashion multiples, from River Island to New Look, have been quick off the mark on rip and repair jeans. A quick peep into any one of these players' stores will turn up various interpretations particularly on their boyfriend styles. Pictured from top: Wrangler, Desigual, Guess, Take Two.Source URL:
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