Contact Lenses

    In this fast and modern world contact lenses are replacing spectacles at the same time gaining popularity as an added beauty product.

    But people are not much aware of the instructions to be followed while using contact lenses. Nor they properly followed the right procedures to wear the lenses.
    Oculist and opticians can give you the right information. Here are answers of some simple question for those who do not know how to move along with their new eyes.

    Cleaning Solutions

    Prior Information about the cleaning solutions recommended by your oculist is essential. Solutions available in the market are although harmless. But information about their chemical content and method how to use expiry dates etc. should be noticed.

    Most of the solutions available in the market are no rub solutions. Before putting them on your lenses just rinse them once and use. They are the most effective and highly prescribed solutions currently. As they comply removes, dirt particles and bacteria from lenses surface.

    Tips to follow;

    • Rinse before inserting the lenses into solution Debris should be washed away from the surface of the lens.
    • The whole bottle can be contaminated if the tip of the solution comes in touch with the contact lens or your eye.
    • It’s essential to change the case after 2-3 months. Wash your case with soap and water, scrub with a new tooth brush. Warm water gives good washing. Air dry it, eyes are sensitive so hygiene is necessary.

    Preparation of Soft Lens:

    Wash your hands before using your lenses. As most of the bacteria, dirt and germs are carried by unwashed hands. It’s good to create a healthy and sterile environment for your sensitive eyes. Check the lenses after washing your hands whether they are right or inverted. The proper way to place the lens on eye is inside out. But it feels uncomfortable and pops out at once, it’s very common and happens mostly. Following are the three steps to learn the proper way of placing contact lens with the correct side on eye ball.
    1. The Taco Test: Can be checked by placing the contact lens in the crease of your hand slightly to the outer side of your palm. Close your palm and notice that the lens obtains the taco shape if correctly done. The corners of the lens will fair out, and lens will be folded against itself from middle. In case of inside out position.
    2. The Code Words: are engraved on lenses by same wise manufacturers. if you have  a good near vision you read them easily for placing right side. Letters are at backside in inside out condition. So, supporting a more convenient use.
    3. Bowl Technique: Place a lens on the tip of your finger. Observe closely that it forms bowl edges flair out when the lens is inside out. Flip it and check it again for the other side, be sure before placing on that you are wearing right side.

    Don’t Forget!

    To wash your hands properly with soap and water before checking out contact lens.
    Remove all eye makeup, creams or lotions before placing lens. It’s better to do makeovers afterward. As it helps in keeping your lens wetter, cleaner for vision and hygienic for health of eyes.

    Insertions of Lens

    There are numerous ways or techniques of placing lenses correctly. We are here mentioning the most commonly used one. If you feel that you are following a better way, as it suits you go on with that one.
    1. Pick up the lens with your Index finger.
    2. Middle fingers of the same hand should be sued for holding lower lid of eye.
    3. Hold the top lid with the other hand.
    4. Make a large opening for your lens to touch the eye directly and smoothly without touching another surface around.
    5. Calmly bring your index finger close to the eye ball. Softly place the lens over cornea. When you feel that corners are accurately attached. Release the lens from your finger.
    6. Softly pull out your finger, close your eye slowly and pad your eyelid softly.
    7. As gentle padding helps to remove air if any trapped under your lens. Repeat the same procedure successfully for the other eye.
    Hopefully, this information will solve your problems related to the use and care of Contact lenses.Source URL:
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