Trendy Watches Transcend Time.

    Watches have been in style for centuries. Before watches even existed, time was still very fashionable. There where beautiful clocks built in the most stunning buildings and gracing the walls of castles. Eventually, watches made there way into our pockets, and then, out of convenience, onto our wrists. The classics; a men's gold watch, a ladies designer watch like Bulova, or a Luminox Navy Seal have not changed much over the past hundred or so years. These styles still grace the wrists of the most stylish women and the most prominent of business men.
    Even though these styles are timeless, this is not to say that the styles and trends have not changed. Over the years, as technology has developed and designers are becoming more innovative, new watch styles are on the rise. Digital watch are a recent trend from the past twenty or so years. They are still developing and sports watches are moesre high-tech than ever before. But as far as fashion watches go, the same styles are recycled over and over again. The same styles from the beginning of time are trendy at one moment, then out of style the next, only to be replaced by a different trend from a different period of time.
    Currently, watches with large faces are more in style than small faced watches. Large, chunky, mens watches for women are extremely trendy. Look at the large Chanel watch as an example. White is another popular trend for watches right now. White watches are considered classic, yet modern. Square watches are also very in style right now. These exude a modern look as well. As far a men's watches go, the same classic styles found on a typical men's gold watch are still common, yet they are decked out with all the technology and best materials available.
    The watch has developed over the years, making its way from a grand structure to a convenience so small and precise we can wear it on our sleeve. Watches take on the styles of the time, and are considered a long lasting fashion symbol of an era. These time pieces are literally that. Watches are not only meant to tell the time of day and date, they also capture a moment of time when the watch was designed, exuding trends and styles that are sure to come back in fashion.
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