A Heads Up on Winter Caps and Hats...

    Winter caps and hats provide the perfect means for advertising a brand when the winter weather hits. Recipients will be happy to receive a functional item that keeps them warm and protected from the winter weather. In addition, passersby will surely take note of the imprinted logo and, there is no better endorsement than wearable promotional items such as winter caps and hats. Now, before the winter weather turns colder and snow starts to fall, is the perfect time to think about your winter marketing plan.

    In addition to serving a practical function, winter caps and hats can be incredibly trendy and fashion forward items too. In fact, there are wide ranges of styles that companies can imprint with their organization’s name and logo. For recipients who are always on the cutting edge of fashion, consider winter caps and hats manufactured by well-known brands, such as Port Authority, Nike or New Era. Or, consider giving beanie cap with your company’s name stitched in a fine, embroidered patch or a Sherpa style hat with earflaps in your organization’s identifiable colors. All of these winter caps and hats can be customized with your name and logo to provide valuable, cost-effective and efficient advertising for your company.

    When shopping with a reputable promotional products distributor, you can rest assured that you will not see any run of the mill, bland hats that you might encounter in a discount store or dollar shop. A review of a Nike hat, for example, reveals that it features moisture wicking technology to enable quick drying. While most companies choose to distribute caps with moisture wicking technology during the hot summer months, these items also make great winter caps and hats, as they protect recipients for the cold, wet snow. This Nike hat is made of polyester and features a hook and loop closure system so that recipients of all ages and sizes can adjust it to wear it with comfort and ease. However, winter caps and hats come in a wide range of styles and all sorts of materials, including fleece.

    Durable, fleece winter caps and hats are items that recipients will wear year after year, thereby producing a high return on investment. In fact, some companies love their winter caps and hats so much that they redesign them slightly each year and distribute them to all employees to create a uniform look. The best part is that these promotional items can increase brand exposure at a very low cost. To receive the best pricing on your winter caps and hats, consider purchasing in bulk; the more items you order, the lower the price will be on a per item basis. Plus, there is no such thing as having too many winter beanies, since these items never go out of style. Companies can distribute them to employees, customers, business partners, and loyal community members.

    The bottom line is that winter caps and hats are great promotional tools; they are stylish, always in vogue and yield a good return on investment. A business or organization seeking a tried and true marketing venue really can’t go wrong when considering winter caps and hats.

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