Fashion Buyer UK struck down by sick bug

    The autumn climes have only been with us for a matter of days and already I’ve been halted in my blog-writing tracks by a chest infection. I blame it on the inconsiderate commuter sitting opposite me on last Monday’s 8.09, who coughed, spluttered and sneezed his way to Elephant & Castle.
    I should have known from his sweat-soaked muted glow and the sickly taste of linctus that stifled the carriage air that I was in for trouble. I doubt anyone sitting within a five-foot radius of this lurgee-carrying monster managed to drag themselves onto this morning’s 8.09.
    With my chest rattling like a rusty electric fan and my eyes aching at any sight of daylight, I’m camping out in bed today, to hopefully resume Fashion Buyer UK duties a demain.

    In the meantime may I draw your attentions to a short blog I put together for a few weeks ago on the perils of winter coat buying. Take a look at:
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