a Tiny Fashion Blogger wooow

    hellooo readers!

    yeah, today is a day that i found an amazing news from net.. really amaze that make me inspirated to back to this blog and post about fashion..
    i'm not going school today because i get an unhealthy feel about my body, yeaah pretty optimism just lyng in my bed.. hihi

    so today only with this leptop i care about and exploiting all features in these 'dunia maya' until i find this note. Yess a note that shouting about Tavi Gevinson.

    Well, i wondering who is she while i try to read every news about her..
    what a wonderfull shake ! here the news i'd read about :

    Tavi Gevinson is an American fashion blogger. She began her blog, "Style Rookie" on March 31, 2008 at age 11. Initially, her parents did not completely know what Tavi was doing until she asked for their permission to appear in an issue of New York Times magazine story. Since then, she has had as many as 50,000 readers.-- Wikipedia

    what an earth, i used to found her blog and check out all her website. i read every her posting and i check out all her photos in her fb..

    Tavi Gevinson describes herself as a "tiny 13 year old dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats", many look to her for style inspiration. In mid-2009, Gevinson partnered with the London-based Borders&Frontiers to design and sell her own t-shirt.

    in August 2009, she appeared on the cover of Pop Magazine which feature photographs by Jamie Morgan and was designed by artist Damien Hirts. Since then, Tavi has been featured in the View section of the December/January 2010 issue of Teen Vogue magazine and February 2010 issue of the French Vogue. Bloggers like Tavi have been referred to as the "frontline of fashion". She has also become a regular guest at fashion shows and a muse for designers in Tokyo. She is also partly inspiration for Rodarte's line at Target. Most recently, Gevinson was named a "Vogueista" by Vogue Italia with friend, Kristin Prim.

    that's all about Tavi Gevinson, the tiny fashion blogger which covered by wikipedia.org . and these are some pict of Tavi, i grabbed it from her FB group

    see? she's just a little girl ! so creative

    wondering a 13th young girl, it was 5 years ago should i be, and i dunno anything about fashion just like her, and i just like to wear a high heels just early moment -____- bad

    it's simple but interesting, wooow

    well i love this one.. i love her expression and what she wear, and also her its background :* nicee

    wondering 13th years old and was on the magazine with her talent of fashion, envy (¬_¬")

    i think she wore Batik, yeaaah, batik ! it's from Indonesia exactly ! :* and you knooow? beside her is Alexander Wang - Chinese-America top fashion designer :D lucky girl she is

    nice yeah"? she combine anything and it should seems like match , goodgirl !

    i wondering i would be one of person to be likes her, yeah, someday or maybe somewhen :) this is the start to be a succes person.. She is creative, smart, and i believe in everyone has a talent like her if they want to make a try..

    see ya readers :D
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