TOP TEN: Looking back at the Fashion trends and Faux Pas of the celebrity "Fashion" world in 2008.

    Here are TIFB's Fashion High's and Lows of 2008.

    1. Leggings: Thanks to Lindsay Lohan, leggings became a staple piece in everyone's wardrobes even though I totally thought it was ridiculous of her to wear them every single day in the tabloids. Clever marketing skills though as we totally fell for it and bought ourselves a pair.
    2. Dior Gladiator Platforms: The Sex and the City movie deserve credit for this trend bringing to the fashion scale, chunky gladiator heels which will look totally last season next season unless the runways prove us wrong.
    3. The Maxi Dress: Rumour has it that the 'celebrity' to start this trend was Lauren Conrad...? Whatever, it is a casual get up whether it be from Laguna Beach or the Hills. It was a cute look. Key word: was.4. Cropped Leather jackets: The teen stars one statement piece which depicted rock and roll like no other. It was a classic piece and probably still is yet I honestyle don't want to see another cropped leather jacket for at least another ten years.
    5. Celebrity turned designers: Okay, so this isn't exactly a "Fashion trend" but it definitely was a trend in the wide world of Hollywood. I'm pretty sure there hasn't been another year which has seen new faces to the industry known for their 'design' skills. Yes Victoria, Mandy, Beyonce, Avril, Kristen, Lauren, know the drill.
    6. The MILF: Not only did a Pregnancy trend come through in Hollywood but also the concept of "Chic" high fashion maternity wear. I think Nicole Richie deserves the honours for this with her printed Emilio Pucci and Missoni gear making pregnancy look hot not to forget the fact she was always wearing a pair of heels! I'm also positive she was that shining beacon of hope for other expecting mothers out there.
    7. Christian Louboutin heels: Whilst the Fashion industry opted for some Yves Saint Laurent and Margiela, the celebrity pack preferred the signature red soles of Christian Louboutin heels on their feet. It was a trend which started way on top with the A-List celebrities (think Victoria Beckham) before sliding downwards and landing on the feet of reality stars such as Lauren and Heidi. 8. Mary Kate Olsen: Biggest celebrity trendsetter ever who brought back the grunge-oversized-eccentric look whilst embracing the craziness of John Lennon round sunglasses. This girl brings runway to walkway instantly and we have to give her kudos because most of the time, she works it.
    9. Designer 'it' handbags: Correct me if I'm wrong but this trend originated in 07 moving it swiftly into the new year and yet still, we cannot get enough of the 'it bag'. From Chloe to Balenciaga to Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent, the 'it' bag was a Hollywood must have which dictated which bag to wear with what. I say, bring back the Birkin!
    10. Gossip Girl: Who can forget Gossip Girl for making us fall in love with designer labels and good high fashion style all over again? From the array of preppy gear to the luxe designer gowns and dresses, Gossip Girl is a big 2008 hit which is sure to be huge in 2009.
    Stay tuned for the Top ten Fashion Industry trends and happenings of 2008 tomorrow!
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