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    The tale of the Giorgio Armani sunglasses brand starts in Italy, in the year 1934, the middle of America’s Great Depression. Giorgio Armani sunglasses joined the military, and once his term ended he stared work as a window dresser. He then worked to develop his own styles, eventually launching his own womens-wear collection in the year 1974. Since then the Giorgio Armani sunglasses brand has become extremely popular, they have launched a huge line of Giorgio Armani sunglasses . One thing to note about these Giorgio Armani sunglasses however is that they are the most expensive the world has to offer. As a matter of fact, there are some glasses that can cost up to $400 depending on where you buy them.

    Sexy Armani Sunglasses with pink and purple color

    Sweet pink of Armani Sunglasses. Emporio Armani is the more accessible version of the world renowned Giorgio Armani. The brand boasts an array of contrasting elements and styles that portray elegance and greatness. Emporio Armani is a lavish brand that is an urban interpretation on the fashion scene. Emporio Armani has a distinctive edge and is highly recognisable. The collection contains some bold and daring designs that are unique and diverse. Emporio Armani are an urban interpretation of Designer fashion. Armani adopts the qualities and standards of luxury designer fashion, however with their products they use urban inspiration to give Emporio Armani a distinctive edge! The Emporio Armani sunglasses collection features bold and contemporary designs that reflect the Emporio Armani image and assets in a unique and diverse way. The reticent approach to luxurious designer fashion has enhanced the success of the brand and is the biggest appeal to its audience! Emporio Armani tends to have a more modest approach to its products and this is one of the many reasons why the brand has become so popular. It’s luxurious but a little more understated than many other brands and tends to steer away from bold and garish colours and keep their designs contemporary and chic. Emporio Armani has an extensive range of visors in their collection, all of which are very popular and creditable. The visors are distinctively crafted to incorporate their Italian charisma. Their plastic range of frames is also where Emporio Armani’s character really comes alive. The collection contains some great colours and styles to suit both male and female. Emporio Armani sunglasses are designed and manufactured in Italy so you can expect cutting edge design and high quality that comes with an authentic Emporio Armani case and cloth.

    Trendy Armani Sunglasses with white and blue color. The Emporio Armani 9363S Sunglasses’ sporty and modern design is made with high quality materials. This is ideal for fun outdoor activities especially on the beach or pool side. It has an elegant exterior that looks heavy but is actually pretty light when worn. This is ideal for sporty or perky guys. This sunglasses have sporty-shaped lenses that extend to its temples. It has rather thick front frames and temples. The temple has a triangular-shaped lens extension that tappers just before the temple tips wherein the metal Emporio Armani signature logo is located. It comes in three colors–palladium (transparent frames with gray lenses), opal blue (blue frames and lenses) and black (black frames and gray lenses).

    Cool Armani Sunglasses with brown color

    Unique Armani Sunglasses with purple color

    Beautiful Armani Sunglasses with red flame

    Gray Armani Sunglasses

    Sexy and cute Armani Sunglasses. This Armani Exchange Two Tone Temple Oversized Sunglasses is the rage these days especially for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays and the dust along the way. The rising pollution makes it imperative that you provide protection for your eyes at all times and this pair of sunglasses can do that job efficiently. Wearing this pair of sunglasses can make you an attention-magnet no matter how you try to hide behind those oversized frames. What makes the Armani Exchange Two Tone Temple Oversized Sunglasses unique are the crisscrossed temples which are made from metal and resin. This feature alone makes this pair of sunglasses a standout even among the crowd of designer sunglasses that line up the walls of your favorite shop. Oversize sunglasses frame create an aura of old Hollywood glamour and it becomes more intense when it is matched with unique sunglasses features like the crisscrossed temples.

    Shiny Armani Sunglasses

    Purple Armani Sunglasses

    Armani Sunglasses with black and brown combination

    Cool Armani Sunglasses

    Sexy purple of Armani Sunglasses

    Popular Armani Sunglasses

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