Tren Busana Muslim Jelang Idul Adha

    The hippie movement of the 1960's is still being felt today with one of its enduring marks showing itself in the fashion world. Many modern designers incorporate the style made popular during the hippie movement. This is evident in the types of materials used such as hemp and distressed fabric so often seen in the popular patchwork designs. The ideals of the hippie movement are also seen in the way clothes and accessories are designed. Many dresses are free fitting except at the waste line often tapering up to give a form fitting appearance. Using both bright and earth toned fabrics. These materials are often recycled or manufactured to give that all important used look. The designs are meant for everybody most are designed with a one size fits many approach. Shirts and tank tops are often tie-dyed to almost guarantee no one is alike. Hippies wanted to be seen as individuals this desire is most easily seen in the clothing now as it was then. The hippie movement idealized clothing that was free, unrestrictive and far from the normal suits, ties and formal dresses most popular with their parents generation. You could sum up the hippie fashion trends of the 1960's as an uprising against the prior generations values and restrictive clothing and designs.

    Hippie accessories are more popular then ever. Large shoulder bags also know as sling bags adorned with peace symbols are seen everywhere. Bags made from hemp, recycled sari yarn and distressed fabrics are common place. Many of the largest department stores are getting into the market not wanting to miss out on this always popular yet surging market. New materials are also finding there place such as Jute ( recycled rice bags ) bamboo and recycled tires. This choice of materials support the hippie belief in being ECO friendly. Many of the materials used today were pioneered in and during the hippie movement and were incorporated into the hippie fashion psyche. Patchwork is probably the best known of these designs it was born out of the need to use leftover materials and the idea of a group known as the Spinners. From this simple idea the patchwork design has found its way into skirts, dresses, bags and wallets just to name a few.

    People today have popularized this fashion rebellion by choosing to support it. There are many hippie stores online demonstrating the popularity of this unique style. Even the trendy and famous are seen wearing these once spurned garments and bags. Blending the ideals and fashions of the hippie movement into an intertwined wardrobe with unique style and appearance. The hippie movement may have lost its step but the fashions and designs have grown all the more popular as evidenced in modern culture and modern trends. Look around the next time you are in a large public arena. Chances are you wont have to look far to see the affects of the hippie movement on modern fashion culture.

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