i just know her after she wasn't live anymore - RIP Isabelle Caro

    Jakarta - What a tragic fate happened to the mother of anorexic models, Marie Caro. Feeling guilty about the death of the princess, Isabelle Caro, Marie decided to commit suicide.

    Marie's suicide note in early January 2011 then. As reported by the Daily Mail, Marie committed suicide because of felt deep guilt on his daughter.

    "Marie felt guilty about her daughter to insert her into the Bichat Hospital. She could not accept that our daughter died. Our daughter did'nt really want to go to the hospital," said her stepfather, Christian in Swiss newspapers, '20 Minutes'.

    Isabelle died 17 November 2010 at the age of 28 years in a hospital in France (previously mentioned in Tokyo). Christian said, Isabelle admitted to hospital on November 16, 2010 due to stomach pain complain.

    "My wife who asks Isbaelle taken to Bichat. He also told the doctor what had happened. The doctor did some investigation and make her to sleep so she doesn't upset ," said Christian.

    Christian and his wife deplored the doctor. According to him, her death occurred because the hospitals could discontinue life-sustaining machines that anorexic models.

    "Two doctors told my wife, she said, our daughter did not really want to live," said Christian. He also informed the Police about Bichat Hospital for unplanned murder.

    Caro became the world's conversation after she posed nude in an anti-anorexia ad campaign. Ads are displayed on a billboard in Milan Fashion Week event in 2007Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-just-know-her-after-she-wasn-live.html
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