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    Wedding Invitations Set a Stylish Tone

    top fashion designersOne of the hottest trends in wedding design today is the trend to get couture wedding invitations. Couture is a word that is generally linked with the fashion industry, but it can refer to anything that is as stylish as what you would expect to see in the inside world of a fashion designer. Couture wedding invitations are luxurious, high-end invitations that look as if they've been hand-designed by one of the top fashion designers in the world. The very first thing that your wedding guests will see of the wedding is the invitation to come to the event. By choosing something with style and flair for your wedding invitations, you're letting everyone know that your wedding is going to be a day to be remembered.

    In its strictest definition, couture is defined as the clothing that is made by top fashion designers. However, the definition of the word couture has expanded as the word has been brought into mainstream usage. These days couture doesn't only refer to clothing; it can refer to any item that hints at the style and quality of professional design. Something that is very fashionable and upscale is said to be couture. In the world of wedding invitations, couture refers to those invitations that are very stylish, embellished and printed on expensive luxury paper. These invitations are the best of what the wedding business has to offer, just like the clothing on runways is the bestfashion that the world will ever see.

    The most important thing about the design of couture wedding invitations is that they be unique and yet stylish in a modern way. That is the same thing that you would expect of couture in thefashion world. Today's fashion designers want their work to be stylish, in-season and of interest to the modern individual who is buying clothing today. However, they also want their work to be injected with their own personal sense of style. They want it to be unique from the rest of the clothing collection that's being shown off in magazines and on the runways. The stationerydesigners who create couture wedding invitations see their job in much the same way. They create designs that incorporate fonts, wording and graphics that are trendy and modern in their style. However they also add that little personal touch or that bit of "oomph" that makes their designs totally unique. This is what women love about couture wedding invitations.

    By Andy West

    top fashion designers
    top fashion designers
    top fashion designers
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