Stylish sound courtesy of Audio Chi

    There’s nothing Fashion Buyer UK loves more than fashion and music, so when the two worlds collide it’s difficult not to take notice. Any visitor to the last edition of Bread & Butter in Berlin will have noticed a scattering of headphone brands in attendance, all vying for distribution in fashion boutiques.
    With mobile phone MP3 players a standard piece of kit for most people, music today is as portable as a pair of sunglasses. No reason then why streetwear boutiques shouldn’t squeeze a few add-on sales from headphone styles which complement their collections.
    Audio Chi is one such headphone supplier with a collection of colourful over-the-ear styles with plenty of subtle surface interest. Bright graphics, chrome detailing and soft quilted headbands underline the brand’s aesthetic credentials. Fortunately the sound technology matches the look and feel with Audio Chi using a titanium based sound unit for a lively, and bass-friendly sound.
    Wholesale prices are available on request. For more information call 0141 333 6442, or visit
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