Pure London Trends AW10: Surface Texture

    Autumn 2010's most important trend from a commercial perspective is surface texture. Every single garment at Pure worth a look-in was competing for buyers' attentions by introducing some new surface detail, whether it be texture-rich knits, sequined embellishments, tops with pintucked bibs or scallop-tiered dresses. With so many bells and whistles vying for attention it's down to buyers to sift the wheat from the chaff and select quality-led garments which won't fall apart at the first sight of a dancefloor.
    Pictured from top:
    Fran and Jane, 00353 1 408 0853, www.franandjane.com;
    Fee G, tel: 00353 1 460 6035, www,feeg.ie;
    Makani, no contact details available at time of publication;
    Charming, tel: 020 7681 2114Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/02/pure-london-trends-aw10-surface-texture.html
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