Americana Essentials Part 2: Yuketen

    No country interprets Americana for the contemporary fashion audience as articulately as Japan, and Fashion Buyer's hottest tip for anyone looking to move their Red Wing-buying shopper up a notch in terms of both product quality and price architecture is advised to pay serious attention to Yuketen.
    In 1995, founder Yuki Matsuda moved to the US in order to work with what he regarded as the most artisanal producers of field inspired boot in the world. Matsuda's fascination with 1930's-inspired hunting boots spawned Yuketen. Handmade in the US, each boot has a Brazilian crepe rubber outsole which is reputed to take four hours of hand-sewing to attach to the moccasin-inspired upper. Sneakerfreaks take note - bin your high-tops immediately and sink into a pair of Yuketen boots. Does life get any more beautiful?
    For more information contact Yuketen on 001 310 372 8033, or visit www.yuketen.comSource URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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