Are US hunting jackets the new Barbour?

    The Great American Outdoors is one of those trends that refuses to go away and never has it looked so appropriate than for autumn 2010. Young fashion buyers will have already recognised a movement during this recession towards iconic heritage brands. Locally in the UK this has meant fantastic sales for the likes of Lyle & Scott and Barbour. Cast your magnifying glass across a slightly wider landscape and you will notice that other markets, from Berlin to Brooklyn, have also revived their fascination with menswear which is not only meticulously crafted and designed specifically with a particular craft, trade or activity in mind, but more importantly has an authentic and sincere story to tell.
    The two big young fashion trends competing for buyers' attentions for autumn 2010 are rock'n'roll and heritage. We've been living with the Religion/All Saints skinny jeans-clad rock look for a couple of years now, and while this look almost certainly has some mileage left, Fashion Buyer believes that future sales will be ignited by a return to authentic garments (be they American, British or Japanese) which embrace traditional manufacturing techniques and look and feel like they are built to last.
    With this in mind let us turn your attentions towards the US hunting jacket. Originally manufactured in Mackinaw wool or oiled tin-cloth cotton these jackets have been America's answer to Barbour's thornproof waxed jackets for almost a century. Americana-inspired Japanese brands such as Haversack and Monitaly, not to mention US heavyweight Polo Ralph Lauren, have been all over this look for the last two seasons. Traditionally featuring a reinforced shoulder, poacher pockets and often a corduroy collar, these multi-paneled jackets tend to be lined only with shirt-like flannel or else not at all. Widely regarded as the originator of the look is US brand Filson. Smart Alec indies including Oi Polloi and Three Threads have been backing the brand for a little while now, sourcing Filson outerwear directly from the US, but the hottest styles come courtesy of an archive-inspired repro collection which showed at Bread & Butter. Also worth a mention is the Filson's excellent canvas luggage and bag collection which makes a fantastic merchandising partner to Brit field sports bag supplier Brady.Source URL:
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