Moda Womenswear

    Moda runs at the same time as London Fashion Week and there is something delicious about that. For while LFW, for all its rightly-vaunted trend direction, celebrity waterholes and occasionally downright odd fashion, racks up the international column inches, Moda, the mainstream womenswear show that takes place at Birmingham’s NEC, quietly meanders on with a steady stream of basic knits, embellished tunics, silky mother of the bride dresses and leopard print. But, for all that, it doesn’t mean that there are no trends at Moda. Indeed the trends that emerge here are all the more relevant for their commercial acumen and their appeal to real shoppers – rather than the tiny economic droplet that is London’s fashion pack. Sure the LFW trends will filter down and in a year’s time they will register at Moda. But if you want to know what is selling right now for the mainstream and mature women’s maket, the NEC is where it’s at.Source URL:
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