Copenhagen Fashion Week: Pop cph


    It sounds like a dream. Two kids at university start up a company that organises parties every month, playing underground tunes that swim against the flow of the pop mainstream. Hence the so-called ironic name, in which by the way, the cph stands for Copenhagen, as if you didn’t know. Those two kids – Mikkel and Kasper – use the company to combine all their creative talents and a run of T-shirts ensues. That swiftly developed from its first collection in 2005 to a full range of men’s and womenswear by 2008.
    Now it is a focused collection of clean lined smart casual wear showing at Gallery. For men it means two-tone polos with an embroidered P logo, lightweight grey 2sb suits (modelled here by Mikkel), Prussian blue knitwear and classic khaki chinos as well as lightweight cotton Oxfords. In womenswear there are silk dresses, tunics, cropped tailored jackets and jumpsuits along with leather-look cotton bodies. There are four drops a year, one for each of Vivaldi’s seasons as it were, all shown with a two-to-three month delivery schedule in mind. So if you order in February, you can take receipt in April or May.
    Prices start at £40 for the graphic T-shirts, which are still in the range, up to £100 for shirts and £140 for silk dresses.
    Call 00 45 67 28 67 to find out more or visit URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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