Leather bikers

    Blame it on the mass of lace and chiffon, point to the profusion of dusky nudes or the continuing trend for warrior princess studs and sequins, but the fact is the leather biker – usually black and often cropped – still looked relevant on the rails of Copenhagen. And why not? It works well with the pretty boho styles that were in here in force, teams fittingly with the dusky palette and matches the drive for mismatched textures. And the truth is, it will merchandise just as neatly with the netted skirts as it will with the silky pants and perhaps more importantly, works well with different body types. In Copenhagen it is easy to see this style transcending age barriers too.

    Pictured: Andersen and Lauth +35 45 78 17 78 www.andersenlauth.com; Imitz +45 22 49 46 03 www.imitz.com; Stine Goya +45 33 93 10 02 www.stinegoya.com; Twist & Tango +46 31 12 81 10 wwwtwisttango.comSource URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/02/leather-bikers.html
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