London Fashion Week: Burberry Prorsum: Bailey backs bikers

    A word to the wise. Get those biker jackets now, get them in the window and sit back as the profit margin edges upwards. It will be the summer’s aviator jacket after today’s showcase by the brilliant Christopher Bailey, who did that thing he does once more. You know – combine cute dresses with headline outerwear, mix intelligent neutrals and punchy highlights, alternate hard and soft textures, be very clever with silhouettes, fastidious with details and take a coat and turn into a dress (it was the trench-as-dress last summer; this time it’s the biker) and pepper it all with military references.
    The other thing he does is place the spotlight on a couple of classic details and/or pieces and design them into submission. And, like we say, the biker jacket came under the spotlight this time. What else? Oh yeah you may want to source some reptile-effect too. Green python anyone?
    And by the way – that message about the bikers? It goes for the boys too.Source URL:
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