Wraps by The Glamourai

    There are some websites that I just have to avoid for fear of a humongous spend up. Shrimpton Couture is one of those websites but yesterday, I somehow managed to find my way there and unable to click away. I was entranced by the mix of luxury vintage pieces, reconstructed pieces and couture but some pieces that particularly caught my eye were the Glamour wraps by The Glamourai.

    I am constantly amazed by the innovative ways designers rework old pieces into something equally if not more desireable than the original. The Glamour wraps are made of silk 1940s kimono with intricate hand painted designs achieving the perfect balance between traditional Japanese culture and modern style. Each wrap can be worn in a number of different ways including a vest, dress, belted jacket, cape or kimono. The site provides a really comprehensive guide on how to wear the wrap.

    The Glamourai was founded by Kelly Framel, who combines a DIY spirit with a refined couture intelligence. The collection includes jewellery anc clothing, perfect for glamourising your life. I have managed to get away without spending money that I don't have, but with a brand new incentive to get saving for the new year.
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