Day Two at Bread & Butter

    Buyers emerged bleary eyed at Tempelhof Airport this morning following a party-hopping evening which kicked off post-show at G-Star, followed by a convivial drinks reception hosted at the infamous Newton Bar by London's new young fashion exhibition Label, before ending in the small hours with a dancefloor mash-up courtesy of Diesel.
    It may be minus-six outside but inside the show temperatures are sub-tropical, helped in no small part by the overly aggressive heating system. Fashion Buyer can't help but think somewhat cynically that it's part of a ploy to force punters to the extortionately priced cloakroom which this season is charging €5 to deposit just a single coat and bag. With over 200 people in the qeueue this morning, someone in a gilded office is clearly racking up a fortune from this business stream alone.
    From a trends perspective there's very little newness for buyers to sink their teeth into at Bread & Butter. Those Brit buyers here are all desperately hunting out those ever elusive smaller brands doing something different from the show. For the last four seasons that mantle has been occupied solely by Scandinavian brand Humor, but so far the emergence of another such brand with as lucrative a price architecture and with as innovative a handwriting has remained frustratingly elusive.
    Now, it's time to pound the aisles. Stay tuned for a lunchtime news update, and we'll be bringing you a full trends analysis from Bread & Butter over the next few days.Source URL:
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