G-Star Chases Premium Sales

    For autumn 2010 G-Star is launching a premium collection sitting alongside the likes of PRPS in terms of price architecture. Raw Essentials is a beautifully-constructed set of denim-led staples which finds the Dutch brand replacing its raw denim handwriting with a hand-tooled, heavily laundered series of jeans styles featuring naive contrast stitching, rubberised Evisu-like swoosh lines on rear pockets and darted anatomical shapes.

    Joining the collection is a clean-lined leather cafe racer jacket, a canary yellow duffle coat and the best selection of denim shirts in the Denim Hall. G-Star beleives that roughly 120 of its 265 retail customers will buy into the new sub-brand. Retail prices for the Raw Essentials range span from 179 to 320 for jeans, T-shirts are 70 to 80, shirts are 120 to 200, and knits are 280 (ED: please excuse the lack of pound signs on prices but I can't for the life of me find the right key on this German keyboard).

    G-Star`s mainline is crammed full of usual suspects from modernist sportswear (under the PT Army monicker) rooted in Americana but with clean-lined plasticised decals, through to vintage railroad themed utilit denims. Now in its second season, the brand's Organics range goes from strength to strength and includes oversized details on heavy denim workshirts and tapered jeans in its fold.Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2010/01/g-star-chases-premium-sales.html
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