Transform Your Wavy Tresses Into Glossy, Smooth Locks With the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

    It is an unfortunate fact that many women who possess wavy or even curly hair, will find that their hair is somewhat unmanageable. No matter what method of drying they may adopt or products they may purchase, they will be simply unable to style their hair in the way they desire, which often leaves them wishing for long, sleek tresses which they cannot obtain.
    Over the past few years, the hair care industry has developed a number of different methods which all provide women with one main achievement: sleek hair. The main disadvantage of many of these different methods however, is that they can be incredibly harsh and damaging to the hair. However, the Brazilian Keratin treatment eliminates these worries and provides clients with a new technique that nourishes your hair, leaving you with a great hair day - not a good hair day; every day. No longer will you struggle to manage your unkempt hair as you possess fabulously sleek and straight hair. What's more, the Brazilian Keratin treatment is a permanent treatment, making it a sound investment for your hair.
    One of the main worries many women may have when it comes to having a permanent treatment on their hair is - will it affect the structure and overall health of my hair? Keratin is a protein which is naturally found in our skin, nails and our hair, meaning that it will in no way affect our hair they way a perm would. In time, as the treatment wears away, your hair will regain its natural wave and bounce. Due to its protein rich formula, your hair will also be shinier and will look healthier than ever before. No matter your hair type or even if it has been coloured or permed in the past; you can own glossy, smooth locks thanks to the Brazilian Keratin treatment.
    Although the process itself can take a few hours, the method adopted will help to change the look of your hair in an instant. The innovative keratin protein penetrates the shaft of the hair, helping to enrich it which in turn, adds the shine and health we all desire. Although the treatment is suited for all hair types, if you currently sport damaged or dry hair, this could be the ideal treatment to help give your locks life again. As our hair becomes damaged, it will lose its natural shine and elasticity so if you're desperate for your hair to be full of vitality again; this treatment is a must for your locks. But just what does the treatment entail?
    There are seven steps to the Brazilian Keratin treatment, the first involving the washing of the hair with a clarifying shampoo. This type of shampoo will remove all residues from your hair so that the keratin formula can hold to the hair shaft effectively. During the final stage, the hair is iron straight with a flat iron, which helps to lock the keratin within the hairs cuticles and traps in the moisture required to add the healthy shine this treatment provides. Once complete, the Brazilian Keratin treatment can last for up to four months, but this can be dependent on the rate that your hair grows. Once you recognize that your natural wave returns, you can then book yourself in for a re-application.
    In order to ensure that you get the best from your treatment, it is essential that you adhere to the aftercare steps provided by your salon and refrain from washing your hair for 3 days after the application of the treatment. You should also refrain from tying up your hair or adding any form of products until it has been washed after the initial 3-day wait. Moreover, you should always ensure that you have your Brazilian Keratin treatment applied at a professional and experienced salon by a competent stylist. This stylist will be able to provide sound information regarding what each step of the process entail, how your hair will be altered and how you can help keep the effects for longer. By investing in the service of a reputable hair care professional, you can ensure that your hair looks glossy, gorgeous and catwalk ready- even if the high street is the nearest you'll get to a catwalk!
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