How To Hydrate Skin With Products

    Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and reflects your health for the world to see. It is constantly fighting on your behalf with environmental impact, elements and harmful bacteria. That is why hydrating it from time to time to keep it healthy. If you fail to do that, your skin will look old and haggard and your protection level will also go down as it will become weaker.
    Now to know how to hydrate skin properly, first of all, you will need to know about your skin's structure. Your skin has three layers: subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis. You will be surprised to know that most OTC creams and lotions that you use do not go down the skin to hydrate those innermost layers. But, thankfully, there are some products that do just that. Here are some products that will answer your question of how to hydrate skin.
    Another product that will answer your quest of how to hydrate skin properly is lanolin. It is kind of natural wax that is found in wool of sheep and the source is the oil glands of the sheep. It has been clinically tested and according to NZP Naturals, it has been found to be able to penetrate your skin down to its stratum granulosum. This is the epidermis layer that lies closest to your skin where live cells are to be found. The oil secreted by us is very similar to the oil that is found in lanolin. When mixed with water, lanolin is absorbed readily by your skin which in turn softens it up. There are many commercial products that have lanolin in them and are readily available in the market. One such product in question is Neutrogena Intensive Moisture Wrap Body treatment. This product can effectively penetrate your skin and heals your skin from inside.
    Emu Oil
    One of the best products to hydrate the deepest layer of your skin is Emu oil. It effectively penetrates your skin and hydrate the innermost layer but without clogging the skin pores. Emu oil has other properties as well; it is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and comes with great healing properties. The best part of it is that it is totally natural because it is made from fat of emu, a bird that is indigenous to Australia. The fat of the bird is very similar in composition to human fat as it contains three kinds of fatty acids: omega-9,6 and 3. Other than that, it contains oleic acid, the reason for its smooth passage through skin's upper layers. If you properly use this oil, it will be better absorbed by the skin vis-à-vis oleic acid, according to Emu Oil Benefits. Your skin will become all the more soft and smooth when you use natural and pure emu oil. The oil is also hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.
    The third product that can help you with the question of how to hydrate skin properly is pro-xylane. This is another naturally derived ingredient that has been developed by cosmetic giant Lancôme in the year 2006. A beach wood plant is the source of this ingredient and it is a sugar-protein hybrid. Pro-xylane is made from xylose a kind of sugar that is found in great amount in plants.
    The great thing about this ingredient is that, its molecules are so small that it can easily go into the skin and provide needed moisture to your skin and help in restoring its suppleness and overall health. One product that contains this ingredient is L'Oreal Skin Genesis Deep-Action Night Complex and this product, for 8 hours will continuously hydrate your skin even in its deepest layer as you are sleeping. Another ingredient in this product is hyaluronic acid which also penetrates your skin smoothly.
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