Peter Werth: the reboot

    Much anticipated fashion events can sometimes lead to a shrug of indifference when the final event actually materialises (hands up all of you who have sat through a catwalk and just thought, so what?...). So when we caught up with the rebooted and freshly logo-ed Peter Werth it was a relief to unearth a collection worthy of a considered re-edit. Looking commercial and also very "fashion", it includes some supremely wearable and detail rich menswear, ready to do battle with any of its competitors.
    From its tweed and woolen jackets, toggle and rope fasteners and colourful ties down to its taped pockets and waistcoats this is a collection that ticks the full lifestyle boxes from casual to (semi) formal. We can't wait to see more of it.

    Finally, dear reader, (as blogs would no doubt have said in the nineteenth century) FashionBuyer has been experiencing a blockage in the bloggage recently. Well, no more. We are very much back and hope you look forward to our resumption of regular updates.Source URL:
    Visit Icip2idayusof for daily updated images of art collection

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