There’s a new show in town

    Next stop for menswear....
    It seems that there’s always someone with an idea for a new trade show brewing and for once, one of those plans has fermented. The trio of TBC founder Mark Batista, Bathing Ape agent Craig Ford and Egomark’s Andrew Parfitt have joined forces to create a menswear show set to debut this August.
    Called Jacket Required, the show will lasso the trio’s brands, including Mr Bathing Ape, Gitman Bros and Calabrese along with a raft of similarly pitched premium menswear brands, so that UK buyers can shorten their London buying trips, place their orders for “around 37 brands” and get back in their store – “which is where they really want to be”, as a spokesman for the show commented. “It will be far easier for them to come to London once, see all the brands they need to see and get back to work, rather than keep coming into town to different showrooms.”
    The venue has been located but is yet to be revealed. It is in Shoreditch, close to Shoreditch High Street.
    And the spokesman added that while the debut show will have between 35 and 40 brands on show, the plan is to expand that to between 50 and 60 for the second edition and by the fourth show to have secured regular attendance from satisfied international buyers.
    ”In the first place,” says the spokesman, “it will be sixty to seventy percent UK buyers at the show and we are hopeful of a strong European and Japanese element attending too.”   
    The show is designed to bring together premium, design-led brands and the most recent ones to sign up are YMC and Pointer. The brand list is racking up and is looking good. And as the trio behind the show already work with a lot of these brands' target buyers we expect the invite list to satisfy.
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