The 5 Top Secrets to Getting the Best Acne Skin Care

    How many times have you tried searching for the best acne skin care and only come up with confusing results? Worse yet, how often have you tried actually using the product recommended only to be burned because the results were severely lacking? Disappointed that your acne did not go away, you vowed not to try anything else ever again.
    Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Lots of companies share testimonials for their products, touting that they have the best acne products- and you expect to get the same results that all those consumers got, right? Wrong! Try not to be too hard on the companies - after all, they do need to make a sale.
    There is a secret that all of those sharing their testimonials neglect to tell you when supposedly using the best acne skin care. And it is this: there is no one single product standing alone that will get rid of your acne and make your skin look great.
    I can guarantee you that all of those people who got rid of their acne in those convincing infomercials did the following: they used a whole regimen to take care of their acne from the same skin care line formulated for their skin type to get fabulous results.
    You'll get the best acne skin care by following these 5 steps to maximize your results:
    1. Cleanse -you must clean your face twice daily. That's right, morning and night time to best combat the acne and to drastically improve your skin.
    2. Exfoliate - this one is tricky depending upon the type of acne you have. You don't want to use a harsh exfoliator and get that scrubby stuff to aggravate your acne. A very fine exfoliator will do to get the dead skin off without scouring your acne.
    3. Freshen- A stringent is used for two purposes: to disinfect and to tighten your pores. The best acne skin care comes in several forms: acne cream, acne treatment cream/gel, acne toner, blemish toner, etc.
    4. Moisturize - it doesn't matter if you have oily skin or dry skin, you still need moisture. The best acne skin care will indicate whether the moisturizer is appropriate for normal, combination, dry, or oily skin (because you still get acne with all skin types).
    5. Protect - protection comes from sunscreen, foundations, and some mineral powders. It is meant to lock in the moisture and keep the environmental contaminants out.
    These are just highlights of what you can do to get the best acne skin care - regardless of what brand you try. If you want to drastically improve your skin, visit the link below for more information. After all, your face is the first thing people see!
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