Find Out Who Has the Best Skin Creams For Healthy Skin

    Do you know who has the best natural skin care cream? Is it Neutrogena, Estee Lauder, Ultima, Avon, or Unilever? I've used a lot of skin care products, and it's none of the above. The best skin creams actually come from a little known company in New Zealand. Listen to why I believe this to be true.
    Most Products Contain Few Active Ingredients In Very Low Quantities
    They set out to make the best natural skin care cream after evaluating hundreds of other products from major manufacturers around the world. They learned that most of them contained few active ingredients in such low quantities that they could not possibly be effective.
    Most Companies Do Not Follow Dermatologist Recommendations
    According to dermatologists, the best skin creams protect, moisturize, heal and help prevent serious conditions, such as skin cancer. But, most manufacturers do not abide by dermatologists recommendations.
    Some Creams Actually Contain Carcinogens
    They use petrolatum and other byproducts of the gasoline industry. The lotions are likely to be contaminated with carcinogens and hazardous heavy metals like lead and mercury.
    Artificial Preservatives, Fragrances, and Chemical Compounds Cause Serious Damage
    They use artificial preservatives and fragrances, the two most likely causes of allergic reactions. They use chemical compounds that cause serious and irreparable damage to the outermost layers of the skin.
    Some Ingredients Are Included Even When The FDA Has Issued Warnings
    Hydroquinone, for example, can cause the appearance of black bumps all over the face and body. It's found in lotions intended for lightening age spots and blemishes. Even though the FDA has issued warnings concerning the use of the product, it has not been removed from the market.
    Use Creams That Are Safe Enough To Eat
    The best skin creams contain nothing that could cause allergic or adverse reactions. No chemical contaminants that could cause cancer or other health problems are included. In fact, all of the ingredients are actually safe enough to eat.
    Use Creams That Restore And Protect
    The New Zealand manufacturer that set out to make the best skin creams followed dermatologist recommendations. They include ingredients that restore skin cells and provide protection from infection, inflammation and irritation. They include plant oils that moisturize, as well as honey and witch hazel to soothe and heal.
    Use Creams With No Artificial Ingredients
    The best natural skin care cream contains a number of effective antioxidants. They are so effective that there is no need to use any other preservatives for the plant oils. The only fragrance is the light scent of the natural extracts. Nothing artificial is added.
    Coenzyme Q10, a vitamin-like substance, and natural vitamin E, as well as plant antioxidants known as bioflavonoids are all included in their best skin creams. They have a complete line of products for women and men.
    Natural Extracts
    They have deep cleansing masks that contain extracts from clay to soak up excessive oil and literally pull dirt out of the pores. They have deep hydrating masks that are almost completely absorbed after 20-30 minutes. No other product penetrates so thoroughly and quickly.
    They include a new extract from sheep's wool that has been shown in laboratory studies to relieve dermatitis and increase hydration by 22% after 24 hours. Most lotions increase moisture initially, but the effect is lost without reapplication. It's worth your time to look for the best natural skin care cream, that is, if you want something truly effective.
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