Quackers enough to buy into duck boots?

    This season, Fashion Buyer's ski-slope trend-spotters from across the US as well as France and Switzerland all placed a resounding tick against the revived duck boot trend.

    This part-canvas, part-suede and part-rubber monster of a boot, which laughs at the sight of water like...well like a duck, was apparently the footwear of choice for all the well-heeled powder monkeys in some of the hottest ski resorts across the world this year. First born as an Americana hunting staple at the turn of the 20th Century, the duck boot was subsequently embraced by Ivy League prepsters and has now been revived by the international ski set who all appear to be gravitating towards US brand Sorel, the key flag-bearer for the look. Subsequent style-spotters confirm that the boot has now made the transition from the slopes to the streets, and was seen this winter on the feet of some of Manhattan's most seriously fashion-forward.

    Sorel took an impressive stand at the LOCK area in Bread & Butter in January and Fashion Buyer is keen to admit that some of the vintage-look American fellas manning the stand were rolling-up their battered selvedge-edge denims to show-off their Sorels in all their glory. It's a look which takes a certain quota of confidence but when pulled off correctly delivers a fabulous, if slightly clumpy, swagger.
    The collection which is available in the UK as it is across Europe, is a sheepskin-lined affair which should appeal to Ugg-loyalist ladies as well as preppedelic chaps.
    For more information call 0041 798 247018, or visit www.sorel.com.Source URL: http://icip2idayusof.blogspot.com/2011/03/quackers-enough-to-buy-into-duck-boots.html
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