Guideline for 2011 Spring and Summer Fashion Trend – Maxi Dress

    2011 spring and fashion trends-maxi dress
    In the upcoming 2011 spring and summer, when we talk about the fashion trends, the maxi dress won’t absent. It seems that maxi dress fashion has been passed by and miniskirt has been a fashion trend and the shorter, the sexier. But the fact is, maxi dresses especially bohemian floral maxi dress has been the contemporary fashion and this tideway seems to be more and more popular.
    2011 fashion trend-maxi dress - pink floral maxi dress
    A maxi dress is a long dress which can be available in both informal and formal occasions, which means, you just have to change you accessories and you can wear a maxi dress to any occasion. Miniskirts are really hot and sexy, but some people think they are flirty. In my opinion, maxi dress in spring and summer is really a nice choice. The bohemian maxi dress can turn your wardrobe into a fresh spring world. Maxi dress tells people that long dress can also be sexy and stylish.
    2011 fashion trend-bohemian floral maxi dress-Nicole-Richie-Floral-Maxi-Dress
    Ladies, even you know the maxi dress has been the 2011 fashion trend, do you know which type would be your perfect style?
    2011 spring and summer fashion trends -- floral maxi dress1
    Maxi dress has flexibility. It fits for any body shape. Mini women can wear the strapless maxi dress which can be worn above your breast and you can show the smooth skin on your shoulder and back. This will remedy the shortness of your height and make you look taller. If you are still satisfied with your height, match a pair of high-heel sandal.
    2011 spring and summer fashion trend - bohemian floral maxi dress make you look elegent
    To women who look vertical (high and thin), wearing a gypsy maxi dress will be a good choice, especially the maxi dress with small prints and light color. This type of dress will “cut” you in half and make you look shorter and wider. It can also show your slender figure and of course, more feminine. You don’t have to wear high heels and you can choose a pair of salubrious flat fashion shoes.
    angelina jolie maxi dress
    For women who have big thighs and belly, the long skirt will help hide the shortage. You can choose maxi dress with fluffy train. They can be striking prints and bright colors because that will make you look thinner and taller.
    2011 spring and summer fashion trends -- floral maxi dress2
    As the maxi dress has been designed for many patterns, you have many choices when you choose your right one. Floral prints, ethnic prints, animal prints are the most popular prints, strapless or halter are also very wonderful. You can also choose the one with embellished ethnic accessories. In this fresh spring and summer, check out a maxi dress for your wardrobe!
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