Avril Lavigne – Sweet Punk Girl with Unique Fashion Style

    For young generation, Avril Lavigne must be a name that everyone knows. When refer to Avirl Lavigne, we would remember the familiar melodies, from the earily Skater Boy to the latest What the Hell, we can see this sweet girl’s efforts on music. Recently, she published her new album “Goodbye Lullaby”.
    beautiful Avril Lavigne
    But her fashion style is different from other female singers who try their best to make them beautiful by makeup, but Avril Lavigne , as a young singer, she always wears dresses that are suitable for her age. Because Avril Lavigne always sings rock songs, her fashion style tends to be combination between punk and street style. It seems that this young girl has her own fashion sense and you can find this unique trait of Avril Lavigne by seeing her dresses on red carpet.
    Avril Lavigne-red-carpet
    Avril Lavigne-red-carpet1
    Avril Lavigne is a good singer and she has won many singing awards, she usually wears black or black-and-white dresses when she attends award ceremonies. For her, whether the dress is beautiful or not isn’t important, when we see her lovely smile, we feel comfortable.
    avril_lavigne_concert dress2
    Avril Lavigne-concert dress1
    avril_lavigne_concert dress3
    This punk girl always sticks to her original aim-rock music and we can’t image how this tiny body can sing so many rock songs. When she is in her concert, she rarely wears dresses. The common collocation is casual T-shirt with pants, at the concert time, she becomes a punk girl. Her hair will be in a mess and we will hear her hopping songs.
    Avril-Lavigne-Photos with headband
    This is a picture that Avril Lavigne wears a cute headband and still with her sweet smile. Two years ago, we heard the news that she experienced the divorce and we are happy to hear that she has a new boyfriend now. As her song Girlfriend lyrics says, we really wish this punk girl will find her happiness and go on bringing us good music works.
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