Tiffany Prom Dress

    Is A Tiffany Prom Dress Right For You?

    tiffany-prom-dressIf you're looking for a designer prom dress that'll make you look like a princess for Prom, then you should take a look at a Tiffany prom dress. While many fashion houses design a broad range of styles, Tiffany concentrates on what it does best; making exquisite gowns of timeless beauty. The design of every Tiffany prom dress draws inspiration from older, more elegant ball gown styles of the past. Its designs would have been worn by a girl's mother and her mother. But the gowns aren't antiques; each is given a slight touch of modern styling to bring into right up to date. This designer prom dress is as fashionable as any other but has a beauty that is timeless.

    The fabrics used are gorgeous and the colors are what you'd expect; pastel shades or more forthright colors that are old favorites. The fabrics themselves mostly have minimal patterning, allowing the richness of the fabric to shine through. If you want strong bold patterns you should look at other designer prom dresses like a Jessica McClintock or Jovani prom dress. The Tiffany Design collection of prom dresses all come with exquisite beading on the corset and sometimes on the skirt too. It's the intricate and beautiful designs that are what really set them apart from other designer prom dresses.

    Also, you won't find Tiffany prom dresses with short skirts, slits, daring plunge lines, bare backs and open sides. Whilst these designs are gorgeous and can look fabulous, the company's design signature is one of an understated timeless elegance that is very feminine but modest.

    The main reason that these older styles have remained so popular is that, no matter what a girl's body shape is, the dress will flatter her figure and make her simply look beautiful. More modern styles are more problematic; it can be quite tricky finding the right style of dress for your body shape, but the classic ball gown will complement any girls figure.

    The gowns can easily be bought on line - the company does not directly to the public - or from boutiques. Buying online is becoming very popular and it isn't as hard to find a dress that fits you correctly as you might think. Many sites have a measurement chart that allows you to find the gown that will fit you perfectly. If you do buy online, only deal with merchants who are authorized retailers as you will receive far better customer service.Because of the fine fabrics and detailing found on these gowns, you should expect to pay somewhere in the region of $250 to $400 (R C).
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