Spring Fashion Style 2010

    Color palettes on the Spring runways were vivid. Think jewel tones with a bit of a push. This Spring’s fashionista is going to be a strong woman and reflect that in her color tones. Go bold with bright blues, fuschia, bold yellows and bright greens. These colors WILL dominate and add instant freshness to your outfit. What a way to climb out of the winter blahs!
    When you are thinking garment structure, designs modeling futuristic motifs lead the packs on the runway. Look for eccentric cuts and lines, asymmetric shapes, and toned down metallics. Go metallic by night in matte golds and silvers, and let your bright colors dominate the days.
    And if you like the asymmetry trend, you will be happy to know that one is not leaving any time soon. You will find this in tops, dresses, skirts, necklines, and even shoulder lines. The one shoulder dress is sticking around, and you know that is because it reveals just enough to maintain the balance between sexy and elegant. The beautiful thing about the one shoulder is there is NO figure this silhouette does not flatter.

    Spring Fashion
    Spring Fashion
    Spring Fashion
    Spring Fashion
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