Jovani Prom Dress

    Is A Jovani Prom Dress Right For You?

    jovani-prom-dressMany girls dream of going to Prom wearing a designer prom dress and looking like their favorite Hollywood star. If there's one gown that can realize that dream it's a Jovani prom dress. But, unless you're careful in your selection of gown, you could be making a very costly mistake. Jovani prom dresses have it all. You can choose a classic prom style of ball gown, with wide flowing skirts or figure hugging mermaid dresses; or you can go for something altogether more removed from prom and choose a modern outfit like a short cocktail dress with plunging back.

    Since founding the fashion house in New York in 1980, Saul Maslavi has become a world renowned designer of beautiful dresses. His artistic genius, combined with exquisite fabrics and colors has made his gowns very sort after, from Prom Queens to Hollywood movie stars. A Jovani prom dress comes in many styles but it always comes with class and femininity. Wearing one of this company's creations can make a girl look gorgeous on her big day.

    However, the gowns don't come cheap and many girls make the mistake of choosing something that is entirely inappropriate for their body shape. Instead of making the girl look beautiful it can work the other way and detract from her own physical attributes. So many young women choose a designer prom dress that is the wrong shape for their body shape. Whether you wear a Jovani or a cheap department store gown, one thing is crucial; you must choose the right dress that will accentuate your attributes while de-emphasizing those parts you're more sensitive about.

    If you're Pear shaped - and the majority of women are - you should consider an A-line or an Empire style of gown. These are great at accentuating a smaller bust whilst de-emphasizing larger hips. If you're the opposite shape - Triangular - then avoid a Jovani gown with a sweetheart necklines as these emphasize the bust area; instead choose one with a V-neck as this draws the eye away from the bust area.

    The Hourglass figure is considered the ideal but, if your bust is on the larger size, you might consider avoiding necklines that accentuate this area. An Hourglass figure can look great in just about any style however, from Column, Mermaid or Traditional. If you have this body shape then why not try a figure hugging Jovani prom dress that will show off your curves (R C).
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