Bridesmaid Dresses

    How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses?

    bridesmaid-dressesPlanning a wedding is not an easy task. After the bridesmaid dresses chooses the perfect theme for her weddings, she will start to choose her own gown to fit in. Now, it is time to pick the dresses for those lucky girls who will wait on her hand and foot before, and then stand at her side while she pledges the rest of her life to someone.

    So, how do you choose the perfect bridesmaid dress that fits to your maid of honor?

    Choose the color correctly
    There are two different ways that most people use in order to determine the color theme of them wedding! Color based on seasonal pattern or psychological association. You need to make up your mind in order to help you choose the right dresses for the girls.

    In most cases, there will be more than 1 bridesmaid in the wedding, and it is critical to determine if you want them to dress uniformity or not. Nowadays, many women are choosing to allow their bridesmaids to pick their own dresses as long as it is the bride's chosen color, and with simple guidelines. So, this is really the choice up to you!

    Choose the dress based on your gown's design
    You should list out all the characteristics of your own dresses in order to setup some guidelines for bridesmaid dresses.
    Outline the dresses clearly
    You should provide some outlines of the bridesmaid dress such as:

    a. Straps - spaghetti, bell, or full
    b. Neckline - sweetheart, square, jewel
    c. Waist - natural, basque, a-line
    d. Hem - how long is the skirt? Floor, tea, or knee?

    In fact - all these decisions will be based on the following: the time of the day of your wedding, the weather (summer or winter), and the style of your gown in order to further determine the style of the dresses.
    Accents and Accessories
    Lastly, you should consider if they will need to wear jewelry? If you do want them do wear it, you need to think clearly what kind of jewelry you think it will best suitable for your wedding. This is totally optional, and you can leave this decision to the bridesmaids (S T).
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