Fashion Shows in Paris 2010

    You want to know my truth about shooting fashion shows? I don’t shoot them! Seriously. But I have shot them in the past, especially when I was first starting out in my career. The thing is, if you’re a fashion photographer, it’s going to come up. You’re going to get offered the gig at some point. Or a designer friend is going to need a favor and you won’t want to turn them down. Or maybe you really want to head in that direction with your career. For me, I’ve gotten to the place now where I will kindly refuse the gig because I just don’t enjoy shooting them.
    I find them tedious and I hate standing around with a bunch of other photographers trying to get the “best shot” which ends up looking pretty much like the shots of the photographers standing to the left and right of me. I can’t help but feel that “paparazzi” thing either. The lighting is out of my control (and you know by now how much of a “light freak” I am.) The music is so loud sometimes, I can’t think. There’s no elbow room for error and it doesn’t pay that well. What’s the glory in all of it then? I don’t know. I would rather be sitting in the front row with a good view of the latest designs that will be strutting down the runway. I LOVE fashion design. Remember, I was originally going to become a fashion designer before I fell in love with photography. So for me, watching the show is way more fun than shooting it. BUT……..That’s just me! If you are planning on shooting a fashion show in the near future, here’s a few tips and links to some very useful posts and sites about the subject.

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