Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

    How to Look and Feel Good Wearing Them

    plus-size-cocktail-dressesThe best way to not enjoy a party is continuously being bothered by how you look. Especially for the large sized beauties, it is quite hard to look your best when you know for a fact that your stomach has been greeting others in advance before you rub elbows with them. Thank the fashion industry, there are now plus size cocktail dresses.

    Making do without too much covers
    Coats are the easiest solutions to unsightly bulges. However, you cannot go to a party and wear your coat all through the night. Unless you are attending a costume party where you can go in as a detective or something, you do not have the license to wear your trench coat beyond the door.

    To discard your covers, wear something that would loosely flow around your body. There are plus size outfits that will not only make you look nice but will also make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. But, it does not mean you cannot layer. In fact, layering is advisable to hide that excess baggage. But be sure you layer at the right places else you might end up looking bigger.

    Add more to your vertical leverage
    Cocktail dresses go best with heels. Shorter people tend to look plumper. Balance your horizontal problems with vertical maximization. This is also the reason why when you would want to wear stripes, you are advised to go for the vertical ones. The lines would make you appear taller. I have noticed though that vertically striped clothes are not as abundant as the horizontal patterns.

    Another advice to look taller and slimmer is for you to skip the huge prints. These large flowers, shapes and designs tend to direct the eyesight of the viewer to all directions, making the wearer look shorter but expansive. Needless to say, it would be best for you to go for short plus size dresses as these would elongate the legs, make you look taller and slimmer. If you have problems with cellulite clinging to your legs, go for stockings with dark color. Again, do not wear printed stockings.

    Save the pizazz for accessorizing
    It is advisable to wear simple, yet elegant attire. However, you can enhance it further with eye-catching accessories. A gray shift can be adorned by a red belt for example. You would also look stunning in the classic little black dress with a sole diamond necklace to adorn your neck.

    As frills are best left out in a dress, you could add them back in chic ways. If you have a low-cut dress, you can glamorize your neck with satin laces. Be sure you have enough neck space to accommodate this otherwise your accessories might entirely cover it (N A).
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