Classic Burberry Trenches

    Ahh the trench coat. The wardrobe staple that every chic girl in town has that never goes out of style and is perfect with everything, over jeans, suits, skirts and dresses. My friend had one last year when we were studying abroad in Europe and she wore it all the time for everything- perhaps beside a jaunt on a paddling boat in the river at Versailles where we could've possibly capsized- but that is understandable. So inspired, this fall, I decided to have a look myself.

    Naturally if one is going to splurge on a trench coat, one should splurge it on a Burberry. You can't get more classic than Burberry. They truly never go out of style and will last you forever - unless you have a sudden huge change in body shape, but that is unlikely. They are perfect for all ages. But anyway, just look how cool Gweneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth look in their Burberry trenches! I am especially inspired by Kate Bosworth updating the classic look with ankle boots, which we will still be seeing a lot of this season.

    I always thought that for the classic, there only is one style. But turns out it is not quite as simple. So lets go back to the beginning and start with the very classic one: the hazelmere (or I think that is what they are called). Basically this is the trench coat that is more loosely fitted with a broader shoulder designed to be worn over a suit. This is one of the reasons I want one, because I can never figure out what to wear over my business suit in winter that will look appropriate, though to be honest, it is actually very thin and I don't think it would provide much warmth- even if it does come with an extra layer inside. I looked at ones with extra layers and they are very thin, even though they say they are made of wool, it will never survive a Chicago winter. Besides, it doesn't look very good if I wasn't planning on wearing a suit underneath (very loosely fitted) and I am looking for more versatility in my trench.

    After that one... I lost the order of trench evolution. But anyway there is this harbourne, that stops mid thigh, which is less bulky and more fitted.

    And then there is the Ivybridge, which is what Gweneth and Kate has on. This is also more slimming and goes almost to the knee, which I think is more classic and gives the body a more elongated look. Actually this is the perfect style trench out of the lot. The only problem is that the extra winter layer they offer is terribly thin (as I was saying before....) and it cannot fit a suit underneath, so its quite seasonal really. I could've sworn that my friend's trench had a thicker and warmer extra layer.... I'll check. I wish they had one that combined all my practical needs and didn't have to compromise the cutting.

    But oh the less practical ones look so chic and smart on! I want one! I was thinking of this beige color since it IS the original color and we are going for classic here, but Gweneth and Kate looks soo cool in their black one as well. Oh the choices!!!
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