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    For fashionholics, one of the funnest thing about flipping through Sept. issues of magazines are the new FW07 ads. As we all know, magazine ads usually focus on marketing products from the seasonal collection, especially the 'it' bags. All the products come from one collection and have a common theme. But interestingly this season, Prada and Louis Vuitton, both huge bag sellers, have dedicated one or two campaign images to their classic bags.

    Maybe because the creative directors behind the ads did a really good job, or maybe it's because the bags are just so classic -not matter what, these classic bags fit in surprisingly well with the seasonal clothes. I mean, look at this Prada ad, even with the artistic and somewhat weird clothes Prada has this season, the bags still seem to belong there. The puffed up messenger bags totally fit in with Prada's intelligent, artsy image.
    As for the Louis Vuitton ad, the classic monogrammed bag fits in really well with the whole posh, well-dressed, high-maintanence woman image. (For once, I'll refrain from ranting about how much I dislike celebs posing in high fashion ads. Sigh...) Even after looking at this uber-glam ad, I still don't feel the urge to buy this monogrammed bag, although to be fair, I'm not a fan of obviously-monogrammed bags. Oops, now I'm ranting about monogrammed bags.

    Anyhow, classic bags seem to be getting a push from large brands this season. Are the execs hoping more people would fish out money for their classic bags, or is this a nod to the late 80's/ early 90's trend? No matter what, at least you know if you buy these classic bags, they won't be particularly 'out' next season!
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