Dororthy Perkins spring 11: preview

    Take me to Dorothy Perkins and colour me summer. In spring 11, Dotty P is all about the pastels, kitschy clashes of saturates and a few neon pops, all balanced out with soft and light neutrals. The silhouettes take in the glam edge of the 70s, the gentle femininity of the 50s and the sort of fluid tailoring that is very much now. Fringes and tassels edge the sort of flowing separates that we have got used to seeing from Scandinavian brands. Think separates from fluid trousers to pencil skirts, flowing tops and jumpsuits. Scalloped edges, gathered jerseys and pointed pockets all underline the femininity as does the near-ubiquitous cinched waist.
    Soft, flowing and feminine, for next summer if it's Perkins, it's pretty. And how.Source URL:
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