New Look menswear spring 11: preview

    In a season clogged with a glut of Americana punctuated with heritage Brit prep, the retailer unveiled its menswear in an MDF surf shack merchandised to look like some kind of Wisconsin garage store and was all the richer for it.
    We'll post some of our own pictures later but here are the official ones. Check out the Letterman updates, chinos, plaids and chambray shirts. We all know that menswear in spring 11 is not going to usher in any groundbreaking new looks. The devil will quite literally be in the detail as fellas seek out the most convincing takes on the themes that have come to preoccupy men's fashion. And New Look knows it. Multi panel boat shoes, stitch details, contrast knit jumpers, reversible linings on sleeves and legs all testify to the retailer's eye for the finer things.Source URL:
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