River Island menswear spring 11: preview

    River Island menswear for spring 11 shows all the signs of sophistication that we have come to expect from the very best of menswear at the moment. Check out the picture directly above, with its softly washed chambray shirt, all shrunken collars and white buttons, teamed with the French sailor's jacket and tobacco-shaded shorts. Above that, the 90s style lightweight parka with all the utility detailing you would expect of a once-upon-a-time Kim Jones. Pleat-bib shirts, nipped in dbs and cleverly nuanced red and black checks are all in the mix, as you can see.  The point? Just as with New Look, details are the devils of menswear now and the high street has truly caught up. With value players and Asos eating-in to the high street's lower end, it's utterly appropriate that these boys have upped their game and are now squeezing the men's brands themselves.
    Yep, once there was a time that River would have added a logo (with varying levels of sincerity and authenticity) to its garb, but next summer it seems real menswear fans will be able to get their multi-pocketed washed-out cotton-twill fashion kicks on the high street.    
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